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Fellow full-time RVer Heath Padgett, best known for his documentary Hourly America, recently interviewed us for his popular podcast. In the video above, we interview him about interviewing us. How meta is that?!

As Heath and his wife Alyssa traveled the country in their RV, he worked 50 jobs in 50 states in one year… immediately following their wedding! They lived to tell about it, and the documentary about the experience is currently being screened in select cities.

Heath is also the creator and host of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, a weekly show featuring location-independent entrepreneurs who have made the leap into the RV lifestyle and taken their businesses (or started new ones) on the road. We were honored to be recent guests on the show.

Wait until you have a spare, quiet 67 minutes (his interviews generally last about 45 minutes, but ours ran a bit long), grab a comfy seat and a drink (alcohol is fine if you feel the need!), sit back and check out Heath’s interview with those fascinating full-time-RVing YouTubers, TheRVgeeks. wink Just turn your speakers on, click the play button, sit back and enjoy. Then let us know what you think!

Click the blue button to listen to our podcast right here!


For details about Heath and Hourly America and to hear more episodes of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, visit his website:


Heath’s Make Money & RV Facebook group is  a great resource for anyone considering working while full-timing:


Since this is the first time we’ve done a video quite like the one above, we wanted to evoke a feeling a bit like an old-time radio show. We thought that reviving our original RVgeeks theme music was just the thing, and we’ve had many requests for it since we retired it anyway.

Yes, that’s me, (Peter) at the keyboard, playing Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag, from 1899. If you’re a fellow ragtime fan, you can watch and hear me play the entire piece at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort (Maple Leaf only runs about 3 minutes, so don’t worry about making too big a time commitment LOL). And thanks in advance for forgiving the flubs… I’m self-taught and pretty intimidated when anyone’s watching me play, let alone having a video camera pointed at me.

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  1. Nice interview with Heath. I’ve been a listener for several years and learned a lot more about you guys then I had known. Sure would like to meet you someday, hopefully our paths will cross. We’re not full timers but spend several months a year traveling. Keep up the good work and please know your YouTube videos are of real value. We bought a Viair the day after we saw your video and will never travel without it.

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  2. Great interview. I listened to the interview you guys did on Heath’s podcast also. Loved the beginning story of how you got started. I have been a fulltimer for two years, and you guys helped answer a lot of questions for me before I headed out. I have ordered many items through your amazon link over the last two years. The portable air compressor has been a life saver.

    Thanks again,


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      Glad you enjoyed the interview, Mike, and thanks so much for the nice note and for using our Amazon links. It’s always great to hear we’ve been helpful and the support is much appreciated. And we love our Viair, too! :)

  3. There’s only one problem (excuse me, two) with playing the Maple Leaf Rag… I’m not in the background saying “HOORAY”.
    AND, I don’t own a motor home. (maybe I can change that)… : )

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