Extension Pole (4 to 8 feet)

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Having a sturdy, but lightweight, extension pole around the RV can be helpful for so many things. We use ours when washing the outside… and when maintaining the slide-out seals (at least the portion under the slide toppers)!

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‘PROPOLE ft.PROFESSIONAL ALUMINUM EXTENSION HANDLE – The ÔPropole ft.aluminum telescoping extension handle is available in two, three, and four section models. The ÔPropole ft.features a very strong and smooth locking action using an injected moulded ‘Nylar collet and chuck. The ‘Propole ft.is designed for the professional user giving years of trouble-free service.


  • Extends 4 – 8 feet
  • Fluted handle design for comfortable grip
  • External chuck and collet makes a secure locking device
  • Light duty pole made of 1-1/6-Inch composite fiberglass handle and anodized 7/8-Inch aluminum slider tube
  • Universal nylar threaded end

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