Flexible Cutting Boards (Set of 3)


While these may be handy in the kitchen… they're also great for placing underneath your tires if you'll be storing your RV with it parked on asphalt, dirt or grass. They'll protect your tires from aging due to exposure to chemicals (asphalt) or moisture (dirt or grass).

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Each mat is marked with a different icon to protect against cross-contamination. All Cut n’ Slice cutting boards are FDA approved and dishwasher safe. Bend, flex and funnel for chopping and pouring. Made in the USA.


  • Measures 15 inches/38cm by 11.5 inches/29cm
  • Flex it, bend it or funnel it
  • Won’t retain odors or dull knifes
  • FDA approved and made in USA
  • Dishwasher safe

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