True RMS Digital Clamping Multimeter


This versatile tool comes in handy for plenty of projects around the RV. Standard multimeter probes to check circuits and wiring. Clamp-on ammeter to monitor power usage. And because it’s a true RMS (Root Mean Square) unit, it can handle measuring modified sine wave output from an inverter.

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The Sinometer UT204 is an Auto/Manual range True RMS AC/DC clamp meter, it can be used to measure AC/DC voltage and current. Also you can use it to measure resistance, frequency, continuity test, diode check & duty cycle. For your convenience, it comes with a plastic carrying pouch. Specifications: Display: 3999 COUNTS DCV : 400m/4/40/400 ± 0.8% 600V ± 1.0% ACV: 4/40/400 ± 1.0% 600V ± 1.2% DCA: 40A ± 2.0% 400A ± 2.0% ACA: 40A ± 2.5% 400A ± 2.5% Resistance: 400 ohm ± 1.2% 4K/40K/400K ohm ± 1.0% 4M ohm ± 1.2%, 40M ohm ± 1.5% Frequency: 10/100/1K/10K/100K/1MHz ± 0.1%, 10MHz (for reference only) Diode check Continuity test Duty Cycle MAX. Diameter for conductor: Φ26 mm Dimensions: 194 x 72 x 35 mm Weight: APPROX. 200g (including battery) Features: True RMS (AC only) Relative value measurement Auto/manual range Data hold What’s in the box: UT204 Clamp Meter: 1 Test leads: 1 pair User manual: 1 Carrying pouch: 1 9V Battery: 1 (installed) Lanyard: 1


  • Measures both ac & dc current up to 400 amps, ideal for vehicles, rvs, marine boats & etc
  • Ac/dc voltage, current, resistance, frequency, continuity, duty cycle & diode check
  • True rms on ac voltage & current
  • Data hold + relative value measurement
  • 30 days money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty

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