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When something on an RV breaks or wears out, you usually know. But some things wear out like a slow drip. An RV mattress is a good example. There wasn’t one particular day we sat up and said “Okay, our mattress is worn out.”

We’ve been sleeping on the same mattress that came with our RV over 11 years ago, and we finally realized that it was time for a new one. But RV mattresses are rarely standard “queen” or “king” sizes, so replacement can be a challenge, especially if you want something closer in quality to a good residential mattress than many of the offerings at a typical camping store.

Compounding the problem is that even standard “RV” mattress sizes won’t fit the many non-standard RV bed sizes, including ours. Finding a company that provides the combination of high quality, choice of mattress types, and the ability to custom-make virtually any size can be tough. Add to that the fact that we’re often in remote areas far from much civilization (where it can be difficult to receive a shipment), and the prospect of getting a great night’s sleep again can seem like an elusive dream.

So we’re excited to announce that RV mattress specialist not only custom-built and shipped an awesome mattress for us, but they’ve also agreed to become the newest member of our RV Discounts page. That’s where providers of high-quality RV products offer special savings to RVgeeks viewers. And MattressInsider stepped right up to the plate with a generous TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT on your entire order, both online and on the phone.

Mattress Insider specializes in RV mattresses, including the ability to custom-make almost any size in several different styles. After talking with an adviser to help guide us, we ordered a firm pocketed-coil innerspring mattress, custom-fit to our non-standard-size RV bed platform. They even offer custom-made sheets to fit any bed they make, so we ordered a set of those, too (no suspenders required for these sheets). smile

A mattress is one of those things that wears out so gradually, you sometimes don’t realize that it’s time to replace it until it’s long overdue. Now that we’ve been sleeping on our new one for a while, we can’t believe that we didn’t notice the gradual wearing-out of the old one sooner. It was definitely past due and the new one is awesome… like night and day. wink

Visit and enter the
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  1. Hey guys … just a word of thanks for the RV Mattress video as well as the discount code. I ordered my mattress from them as a result of your recommendation and video. The mattress arrived today (two days from the date of order) and it is wonderful! Thanks again. I just uploaded a video to my YT channel (The Paddy Wagon) and shared the links to Mattress Insider as well as your website and YT channel. Thanks again and I hope you get a chance to watch my video.

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      Hey Patrick! Just watched your video… thanks so much for the mention! Seeing what you’ve been sleeping on up to now, we bet the new mattress will be like sleeping on a cloud! ;) Hope you have (had?) a great birthday and get many wonderful nights of sleep!

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  3. Hi Christy,
    Consider latex. It is natural, not chemical compostion like most gel and memory foam and you can get it in whattever softness/firmness you want. Also it can be custom sized. We bought ours fron Arizona Mattress. Shipped for free with bamboo mattress topper included.

  4. We are contemplating purchasing the 8 inch Luxury CoolMax Gel Foam, we have an icomfort in storage while building, and are living in our Motorhome with a 6 yr old mattress with 3 foam toppers. We are sleeping in the “hole” and waking up sore. Do you know anyone that has this mattress and is it softer?

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      Hi Christy,

      After sleeping on our original mattress for 11 years… we sure know what it feels like waking up “in the hole”! YUCK! We didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until we slept on our new mattress. What a difference!!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any experience with the CoolMax Gel Foam mattress (or know anyone who does). But we can tell you that we highly recommend calling and speaking with the customer service representatives at Mattress Insider… they’re VERY helpful. And if you tell them what you do/don’t like in a mattress, they can absolutely help direct you to what will work best for you. They were instrumental in our decision… and we are very happy with the results.

      Sorry we don’t have more concrete advice… but hope you get squared away so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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  6. Thanks for the review. We have been thinking about replacing our mattress, but look where to start for a short queen. We like firm so l will probably need to go with 8″. Don’t you think.? Thanks for the discount too.

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      Hi John. We told them we like a really firm mattresses (but not like a brick or anything), and they custom made ours using thicker-than-standard springs than their standard 8″ pocketed coil innerspring. That choice made the mattress 10″ thick, but we like it a lot and wouldn’t want it any less firm, so glad we were specific about that. We suggest doing the same thing… let them know if you want a very firm mattress, and get their recommendation. The top surface of the mattress is plush, not hard like some firm mattresses we’ve seen. We would not consider this a “super-firm”, but rather just “firm” instead. It’s so difficult to know in advance, but they are pretty helpful on the phone. And getting a short queen is no problem. Just measure your base/pedestal to be sure. Hope you have the same good experience we did. Let us know how you make out!

      1. We’re working with them now and they said they don’t have a thicker spring option. We were told all innersprings are 6″ tall. They are offering to add latex or HD foam to increase the height, but we really like the idea of thicker innersprings to increase the height and firmness. Do you recall who you worked with or what the springs were called? Any additional details? Maybe the representative we’re working with just isn’t aware of the option. Thank you!

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          Hi Matt,

          Sorry… it was long enough ago that we don’t remember the name of the representative we were working with. We ended up doing a totally custom order (i.e. it wasn’t just one of their standard offerings), and we do remember that we got what they called the “8 inch, zoned innerspring”. It’s possible that they have stopped offering that as an option and have standardized on the 6″ springs, but it’s worth asking.

          Hope this helps you to get a mattress you love!

  7. We removed our RV mattress immediately because it was coils and not comfotable to us. Replaced it with 12″ talay latex mattress. Love it! Those can be made to size also. Sweet Dreams on your new mattress!

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  8. When we bought our RV(used), the first thing we did was change the mattress. We ended up buying a memory foam mattress and love it.

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      Memory foam is so popular, but the reason we don’t go that route is the greater effort it takes to turn over! Good thing they make so many types, since we all have our own taste. :)

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  9. Our “King” sized air mattress is very comfortable, but not as comfy as the mattress we have at home. So this posting is fortuitous as we are sort-of-looking at options. As someone who has slept on literally thousands of different beds (no, it was for my job) I know what works. In fact I was so impressed with one hotel sleep years ago that I got home and called the mattress manufacture, a small 100+ year old family run US company as it turns out. I ordered their top of the line mattress, box spring and topper and it is STILL the comfort bar by which I measure any other bed.

    I watched your video, clicked on the Mattress Insider link and started looking around. Found a mattress that seems like it would be okay – except for the price. Too bad I can’t post a screenshot but look at this: SKU: RV55P-7280

    Size – 72″ x 80″
    Height – 9″
    Shipping – FREE FedEx
    Notes – 121 day Satisfaction Guarantee
    Qty – 1
    Price:$1000347.00 + Free shipping

    Got to love ‘free shipping’ on a million dollar mattress!
    I know that this is not the real price – the website says to call for pricing – but it does point out there is a difference between the standard 5.5″ thick and the optional 9″ thick versions.

    Peter, three questions:
    Did you go with the standard thickness?
    Do you use any topper?
    Did John ‘the claw’ have a straw hidden under the covers?

    Thanks for getting your readers the 10% discount – I’m sure it will be used.

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      That’ll teach you, John. When it says “Call for pricing” do what you’re told! LOL

      Your story about the hotel mattress experience sounds familiar to me. On a family trip to Norway we took years ago, my parents loved the mattresses in this one hotel so much that they were determined to get their own, despite the fact that they aren’t sold in North America. They went through hoops to get them imported, and loved them. But they aren’t standard US sizes (approximately the size of long twins, but not exactly), so they require custom-made sheets. Now that they’re getting quite old (the mattresses, that is), my mother doesn’t know what she’ll do to replace them. In an attempt to prolong their life, she’s been alternating occasionally between the two since my father died. But she’s too old to go through all that hassle to get another set from Norway. They ruined her!

      In talking with an advisor at MattressInsider (which we highly recommend you do to place an order, since it sounds like you’re like us, in that you have a very specific idea what you like), we let them know that our favorite mattress ever was a very firm Simmons BeautyRest pocketed coil that we had in our stick house before hitting the road. We made a point of telling that that firm was key, and they let us know that it’s easy to make a mattress slightly softer (with a topper) but you can’t make them firmer. That settled it for us, and we custom ordered the firmest pocket-coil mattress they could make, and it was perfect the way it came. The fabric and softness of the top is fantastic, top quality material and we’re really happy with it. It gave us added piece of mind going very firm, knowing that we could soften it if needed. Due to the firmness we wanted, the mattress is 2″ thicker (10″ vs the original 8″), but that’s no problem for us.

      As far as “Thing” goes… he likes being in bed so much that I think he has an entire kitchen in there, not just straws! LOL

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      We knew we didn’t want to go with memory foam, since we prefer really firm and being able to roll over more easily. Funny how there are so many different types of beds and preferences!

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