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We picked up our new RV on May 17th, 2005. For its 8th birthday today, we’re going to do a quick exterior cleanup to show you how we keep it looking good between washings. As long as you haven’t driven in the rain since the last time you washed your RV, this quick tip will spruce up your rig in about 10 minutes or less.

Even when the weather’s dry, dust accumulates when driving, especially at the rear of the RV, or when boondocking in dusty areas. To quickly remove dust from an otherwise clean RV, our favorite cleanup tool is the original California car duster. Just give it a good shake before and after each use to quickly, easily and safely remove the dust from your RV.

The long head and long handle make it perfect for cleaning large areas and reaching high places. Of course the California duster was originally designed to clean cars and your toad is no exception.

We’ve had this duster for several years now, and even though it actually works better once it gets a bit dirty, it’s finally time to replace it with a brand-new one. Now we’ll retire our old duster to dirtier jobs, like cleaning wheels, tires and mud flaps, without having to use it on painted surfaces any more.

Before using a new California Duster for the first time, place it on newspaper for 48 hours. The duster works by using paraffin wax to attract dust particles, and the newspaper absorbs excess wax. It might leave some streaks during the first few uses, but that will stop once it gets a little dusty.

I used to work in the car industry and attended several auto shows as a manufacturer’s rep. The California Duster was THE standard for keeping cars dust-free at the shows. Even many of the most exclusive luxury and sports car makers used them on their cars, so we know they’re designed to be safe and scratch-free, even on the most expensive finishes.

We’ve been using a California duster for years and think it’s the best 10-minute spruce up you can give your RV.

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  1. Great website and videos…do you have anything on washing your entire motorhome? I have a new 33′ MH and would like to read/see how you wash your MH! Thank you!

    1. Post

      Thanks Jim. We don’t have a video about washing the RV, but that’s a great idea, and we should make one. In the meantime, here’s a couple of basics that we follow…. nothing too fancy. Other than the need for a long-handle brush to reach high enough, we wash our rig just like a car. Using a bucket full of water with car wash soap in it (we use a 5-gallon pail) we start with the roof so that anything that washes down the sides gets taken care of afterward. Then we work from front to back down the sides, doing the rear last, since it gets dirtier the further back you get. If we’re in an area with hard water, we make sure to keep the paint wet so water spots don’t form before we can dry it. Then we use our California Water Blade to squeegee off the excess water. Once a year os so, we use a good quality automotive wax, always a polymer liquid, since easy on and off are important on such a large surface area. ;-) After typing this, I realize that there’s plenty to show in a video about washing, so we’ll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion, Jim!

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