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Slide Topper Challenge + $300 Tough Top Awnings Giveaway

Slide Topper Challenge + $300 Tough Top Awnings Giveaway

We often talk about how easy it is to replace slide topper and awning fabric. So we decided to challenge Tyler, the Operations Manager at Tough Top Awnings. How fast can he replace a slide topper all by himself? We put a stopwatch on him to find out, and you won’t believe it ’til you see it!

Tough Top Awnings is also giving away a $300 gift certificate in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway! Complete details below on how to enter for your chance to win the same top-notch replacement fabric for your worn out slide toppers or awnings that we use on our own RV.


If you don’t know how to replace your own fabric, just watch the appropriate video tutorial from our extensive playlist (we’ve demonstrated a bunch of the most popular models, with more videos on the way). Don’t try to learn from watching Tyler’s Challenge video above…. he goes to darn fast! ;-)

Thanks so much to both Tyler, and Ray, Tough Top’s owner, for providing the prize, and the 5% discount to all of our readers, and most of all, for making replacement fabric that puts the OEM stuff to shame!

Visit for complete information on ordering replacement fabric.

Tough Top Awnings is in the news! Congratulations Ray & Tyler on ten great years!

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On Sunday, August 14th, 2016 at 5:00PM Pacific Time, one lucky RVgeeks viewer will win a $300 Tough Top Awnings Gift Certificate! Use the form below to enter for your chance to win the same slide-topper/awning fabric we use.


  • Enter once each day (to prevent ballot box stuffing, one entry per day is the limit)
  • Tweet about this contest (you can do this once a day, too!)
  • Pin the contest on Pinterest
  • Share the contest with your friends!

NOTE: When the form asks you to “Tell us about your RV!”, you must provide the year, make and model. We also give you the option of including your phone number with your entry. The ONLY reason we ask for that is to ensure that we are able to quickly contact the winner. Your phone number will not be used for ANY other purpose, ever. If you’re uncomfortable providing it, just tell us about your RV.


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Glenn Leamon

Saturday 13th of August 2016

I own a Newmar coach that came with an awning over the main living area slideout but does not have a topper installed on it. All the other slideouts have a Dometic topper installed. My concern is there are times when you cannot have the awning extended due to weather or high winds and want to protect the top of the slideout from rain or debris. We were told to slightly extend the awning to cover the slideout in this case. I do not feel this is an acceptable answer to my problems and an easy answer, meaning trying to avoid the issue, from the Newmar dealers that I spoke to. Have you ever seen or heard of anyone having a topper on a slideout that also had the full awning installed? Are there any downsides to doing this? Any ideas on why Newmar doesn't want to address this "feature" on their motor coaches?


Saturday 13th of August 2016

We have the same situation you do, and have always just extended the awning just enough to cover the slide, as they recommended. This works just fine, which is good because there's no room between the top of the slide-out and the awning for a topper on some years & models, ours included. We wouldn't worry about it. We've been doing it this way for 11+ years with no issues.

Mike Weirbach

Wednesday 10th of August 2016

Great product, and rvgeeks are the best !


Friday 5th of August 2016

The Brave did not come with the awning from the factory but was added later on an now needs to be replaced. An you have given me lots of inspiration on what I need to rebuild an remodel my RV, Thanks loads


Quote " See you on the road"

James Child

Friday 5th of August 2016

Thanks for your very helpful videos.

James Welch

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

I've watched all of your videos and it looks like something I could do easy. Thank you

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