If you saw our previous video about the Newmar New Aire, you know how much we like it. Today we’re on board a brand new 2019 model at Newmar headquarters in Nappanee, Indiana. We’re joined by Vice-President of Sales, John Sammut for a discussion about what’s been updated for the model’s second year in production.

For those of you wondering…. No, we are not getting a New Aire! Like many of our fellow RVers, we’re just interested in knowing about new products from our favorite manufacturers.

And we know there’s another installment of our Lithium/AGM Battery & Electrical Upgrade project still to come. But it’s not quite ready yet, so we hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the New Aire in the meantime.

See all of the details about the Newmar New Aire here:  https://www.newmarcorp.com/diesel-motor-coaches/new-aire/

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We looked, but Amazon doesn’t stock Newmar New Aires ????… so, instead, here’s a list of a few of our favorite products that any new RV owner might want to stock up on.

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  1. Gents, just saw where Entegra introduced their Reata at the FMCA convention. I like the Spartan chassis coupled with the Cummins 360, but not a fan of the rear radiator on the Reata.

    Competition between Newmar and Entegra has to be good for the consumer!

    Thanks again for all you guys do for the rest of us. We appreciate your efforts!

    1. I did a little research on the Reatta, and it’s a good idea, but the only went down to a 37′ package, plenty of those around already. Newmar has been making 37′ models in the Ventana, Ventana LE and Dutch Star for years. For me the only Class A that competes with the New Aire in size is the Tiffin Breeze @ 34 ft. But it does not have the Luxury features that the New Aire shor bus has……

      1. Good point, Rory. Another area where the Reatta doesn’t quite compare is height. The New Aire is only 12’3″… and can be dropped to 12″ by dumping the air bags, so it can be more easily stored indoors. The Entegra lists a 12’10” height… which is going to make that particular task harder. ?

        Newmar definitely has the lead in creating a luxury RV in a smaller package. We’ll just have to see what other manufacturers follow suit (or come up with something different, but still interesting)!

    2. You’re right, Robert… competition is a good thing! Tiffin started the idea a while ago with the Breeze (smaller, more manageable diesel pusher with lower height for easily storing in an RV garage), Newmar took it a step further with making it a luxury RV with lots of features and amenities, and now Entegra is dipping their toes in the water. Could be the start of a genuine industry trend! ? (fingers crossed!)

      1. Yes please move in for the kill!!!! This way they can sell Newman to me!!!! If Newmar knew the number of people in California who are now in the Newmar family because of John and Pete they would sell them this coach for a dollar and put them on the payroll!! I have meet Geek followers at Chiraco summit, Bodie state park, Alabama hills, San Diego..etc..happy with their Newmar purchase. I even have a pal in the 4X4 club that wants to move out of his 2005 and into this exact coach so if so….their Newmar will come here!!! Nora the Newmar is not equipped like Newman but it took certified Geeks to outfit Newman!!!

        1. Even though we know you have an ulterior motive (our RV), thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Scott. It’s great to hear we’re helping people choose Newmars, since we think it’s a great choice. We trust they’re listening to their customers, including our viewers, so thanks again for your comments.

  2. Thank you for investing your time and energy into looking at the product. I can’t image switching away from Newmar for several reasons and have been a voracious consumer of any content I can find about the New Aire, because I am ready to move from my 40′ gas coach to a diesel and a shorter option. I have been following of you guys since I landed in this RV world on Dec 2015 and I consider you both to offer quality and unbiased product references… thank you!

    It appears you shot the video in the 3341 floorplan. My biggest speed bump is deciding on which floorplan to purchase. What drivers caused you to shoot the video in the 3341? Personal preference perhaps? My current coach has the full wall slide and I am leaning toward go away from it. ~thank you

    1. sorry to ask a follow up question so soon, but it just occurred to me. I thought the exterior model on the right was the shadow, but the Newmar video for 2019 shows the shadow to be something else. The exterior doesn’t seem match the moonbeam (which I suspect is the model on the left) either. Can you confirm the rig on the right is the glacier one? ~thank you

      1. No worries! Not sure what is being shown in the Newmar video for the 2019, but sometimes they change things between the early production models that get used for photos/videos and what ends up being the production version. So it’s possible they changed the paint scheme a bit. When you look at the thumbnail for the video, the unit on the left is a 2018 New Aire 3341 in Moonbeam paint. The unit on the right is the 2019 New Aire 3345 in Glacier paint… which, other than some color-boosting to make the image for the video thumbnail “pop”… matches the paint scheme shown in the 2019 brochure. Hope this helps!

    2. Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks so much for the kind words. We did, indeed, shoot the interview on a 3341… which is actually a 2018. When we made the arrangements to be at Newmar to do this video, they weren’t sure if they’d have a 2019 available. And, when we arrived, they didn’t, so they set up the 2018 unit that they DID have so that we could get our cameras in place for the shoot… which we did. Afterwards, John heard from production that a 2019 with the new 3345 floorplan had just cleared to a point that it could be made available, so they brought it over and opened it up for us. So all of the close-up, detail shots of the 2019 features were done on that coach (the right-hand one in the shot showing the two side-by-side). So we didn’t “choose” which year or floorplan to shoot in… we were happy to have access to whatever they had available at the time.

  3. Pete – John: I’m with you on Newmar, I currently own a 2013 Mountain Aire, and love it. My lifestyle is such that I dock in private RV parks and a few resorts, rather than in NP’s. I visit NP’s, I just refuse to dock there in season because of the crowds and noise. I pull a toad use my NP pass to get into the park and enjoy everything it has to offer. The New Aire almost changed my mind re: moving up to the London Aire or Essex. It is gorgeous and has such great space. But I think I’ll stick to my original plans, maybe in 5 years after I have had my LA or Essex, I’ll consider a New Aire, because I’ll be slowing down some, but still FT’ing. Just spending less time traveling from place to place and more time in one place. Thank you guys for all the great vids…….

    1. Hi Rory! It’s always great to hear from a fellow Newmar owner, and we’re never surprised to hear that we’re not the only ones who love ours. Sounds like you’ve got a great way of life, and a great plan for more. Thanks for sharing. ?

  4. It’s a great product and needed in the RV industry. I hope tiffin brings out a product like this New Aire. Tiffin had the Breez but it’s not on this leavel. I’m a Tiffin guy but if I was in the market for a high end diesel coach I would go King Aire

  5. Any day now I’m expecting a video on the pros/cons of catamarans vs. mono-hulls. Ha ha. I know it’s not in your plan but I wanted to take the opportunity to tease you about it.

  6. Pete- John!!! I want a commission!!! I told you guys 6 years ago to work a gig with these guys!!! I have met Geek Follower folks in RV parks who are in a Newmar because of the outstanding reports you give on Newman!!!! Also, this representative needs to be a Highway Patrol officer. He has the look. Could you imagine getting pulled over by him with that look?? What is current odometer on Newman???

    1. Thanks Scott. We do indeed love our rig, and we’ve heard from a lot of people who bought a Newmar because they’ve seen what a good experience we’ve had. We’re just about to crack 75,000 miles, and things are still running great after 13+ years. As far as being pulled over by John Sammut, he’s such a nice guy, we’re sure we’d get off with a warning!

  7. The New Aire impressed me when I saw one early this year. Incredible fit & finish on the interior.

    After spending over a month touring in a 21′ rig I now think that downsizing from 45′ to something 33-34′ would not be a big deal. Except: The New Aire storage is good for it’s size but I still wonder where would I put all my tools & gear that fill the basement.

    On the other hand, I would love to have the glass dash. Very much.

    What features impressed you; items that you would really like but don’t have?

    1. 13 years naturally brings an awful lot of evolutionary “wish we had that” features, but the 360 camera system, glass dash and shower water recirculation are right up there near the top of our COOL! list. ?

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