If your RV is ready for new awning or slide topper fabric or LED lights, it’s time! RVgeeks viewers can now receive a special double discount from two of our favorite suppliers of great RV gear – Tough Top Awnings and M4 LED Products.

For a limited time, our usual 5% RVgeeks discounts at both companies have been doubled to 10%. When you place your Tough Top Awnings or M4 Products order, use the following discount code to receive your 10% discount from now through the end of February, 2019.


If you’ve been here with us for very long, you’ve heard us wax poetic about both of these great companies many times. We met both Steve of M4 and Tyler of Tough Top Awnings in the same way: we purchased gear from their websites. And we were incredibly satisfied customers. It was obvious that they both make far superior products than we’d experienced before… the type that typically comes from the factory, or can be purchased from so many inferior aftermarket suppliers.

We’re proud to call both Tyler and Steve friends, and appreciate that they are both willing to offer discounts to our viewers. So we’d like to say an extra-special “Thank you” to both of them for holding this sale, just in time to kick off the new year!

If you aren’t familiar with our library of videos covering replacement of just about every type of LED bulb, awning and slider topper, you can check them out below and see how easy it is to do it yourself.

Once the sale is over after February 28, be sure to continue using our regular 5% codes for both companies:

M4 LED 5% COUPON CODE: RVGEEKS5 at M4Products.com

[one_third]M4 LED Videos:

[/one_third][two_third_last]Tough Top Awning & Slide Topper Videos:


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  1. Thanks for the tip for Tough Top Awnings winter discount. Tyler and crew not only helped me with measurements for all my slide outs and Door awning, but also delayed shipping until we returned home from our trip. Saved a bundle, too! We really appreciate all the contributions you guys make to the rest of the RV world. Thanks again.

    1. That’s great to hear, Don. Thanks for sharing. Tyler and the whole team at Tough Top are just Top Notch! So glad it worked out for you and that you’re all set with new slide topper fabric!

      1. I own a 2015 Entegra Anthem. I would like to replace the headlight bulbs with LED High Power as advertised. I do not know what to order, how many to order and whether it is designed to go on our RV Entegra Anthe. M4 LED Products has not yet responded to my email. Do you have any info. Thanks

  2. I replaced all of our ceiling bulbs with warm white LED’s and replaced the bulbs over our sink and stove with bright white LED’s. After we experienced the difference using LED bulbs in our toy hauler travel trailer, we replaced every bulb in our house and Garages with LED’s.

    1. Hi Roger! That’s great! Being able to choose the color & brightness of the lights you want, depending on where they’re going, is one of the things we really like about LED bulbs. So glad to hear you’re having such a good experience with them in your RV and your house!

  3. Upgraded my car headlights with M4 LED’s a year ago based on your recommendation. Huge improvement! One thing I found is that the Daytime Warning Light out indicator on my dash activated when I installed the new headlights. This is not unusual given that LED’s draw less current. Typically one has to add a resister which means tapping into the existing wiring. As an alternative I found a harness at Amazon. Simply plug it inline with the headlights. Much easier than wire taps. Thanks for all you guys do!

    Here is what I used:  XtremeVision LED Anti Flicker Capacitors – Error Code Canceller Capacitor

    1. Thanks for sharing, Mike! You’re right… with all the electronics, etc in new cars, installing LEDs CAN have unusual side-effects… like DRL warning lights, etc. Glad you found such an easy (and inexpensive) fix!

  4. My RV came with LED’s everywhere so I only really needed to replace the bathrooms and dining table bulbs to much brighter M4 bulbs and wow, I am sure glad the the RVgeeks put me on to M4.

    Not sure how to wax a poetic but I can confirm that the LED’s from M4 are fantastic.

    Plus Steve handled my questions and concerns very quickly thus I am indeed a happy customer.

    I have also talked to Tyler at Tough Top. My awnings and slide covers require special tools and thus are not a DIY project (for me). One of these trips up to my Vancouver I’ll have to stop in their Vancouver for some expert work.

    P.S. Steve: See you at Indio or Quartzsite this month?

    1. Hi John! It’s always great (but never a surprise) to hear from other satisfied M4 customers. Steve is top notch all the way. We’re pretty sure he won’t be making it out to Quartzsite this year, so we’ll likely be visiting him at some point!

  5. I have used tough top awnings and I like their material. I have used your videos on how to install and they helped me a lot. just wish you had a coupon back when I needed the slide out awnings

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Pius! And sorry we didn’t have the discount available when you need to buy… but at least the NEXT time you need a replacement, you’ll save a little bit! ?

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