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A&EAwningsDometicTough Top Awnings

Replacing A&E / Dometic TwoStep Awning Fabric

In our humble opinions, replacing awnings and slide toppers is the absolute epitome of the perfect DIY RV project. When we’re deciding between hiring a professional vs. doing a repair or upgrade ourselves, fabric replacement...

Blue OxRoadmasterTow BarTow Bar BindingTow CarTowedTowing

Towbar Unbound! “How It’s Made” – RV Edition!

We’ve been towing our Honda CR-V with the same towbar for over 13 years. All that time we’ve dealt with binding issues when trying to disconnect on curves or facing downhill. We figured that was...

AustraliaCampervanInternational TravelMotorhome Rental

Australia Campervan Wrap-Up

We’ve had an incredible time caravanning here in Australia. The people we’ve met and places we’ve seen are now cherished memories that will last a lifetime. And we know we want to come back! But...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational TravelWildlife

Stepping on a Huge Snake at Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse!

Like many first-time visitors to Australia, we had certain expectations of what we’d find here. Of course one of the things we’ve heard is that Oz has more poisonous critters than just about anywhere else....

AustraliaCaravanningInternational TravelMotorhome Rental

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, Beaches & Big4

With 17 stellar swimming and surfing beaches, Port Macquarie, NSW is a crown jewel along Australia’s Legendary Pacific Coast. It’s also home to the world’s first hospital dedicated solely to the care and preservation of...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational Travel

Mobbed By Kangaroos in Yuraygir National Park

“Mob” is the correct term for a group of kangaroos. Fitting, since we felt like we were about to become victims of a mob hit after being surrounded by them! We’re in beautiful Yuraygir National...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational Travel

Byron Bay Big4 & the Cape Byron Lighthouse

After the blast we had at Bluesfest, we want to see more of this beautiful area, including the magnificent Cape Byron Lighthouse, perched on the easternmost point of mainland Australia. So we’ve relocated to our...

AustraliaByron Bay BluesfestCaravanningInternational Travel

Byron Bay Bluesfest & Legendary Pacific Coast Planning

We’ve crossed from Queensland into New South Wales to attend Australia’s epic annual blues & roots music festival – Byron Bay Bluesfest. With over 200 performers on 7 stages over 5 full days, Bluesfest showcases music from...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational TravelPatio Awning

Australia Campervan Awning Set-up Time-Lapse

To enable us to fit into just about any size campsite, we rented one of Maui’s smallest fully self-contained campervans. But we know that small size can sometimes require compromise. At first glance, it appears...

AustraliaCaravanningDrivingInternational Travel

Australia Driving Q&A – David Barnes Driving School

We’ve had no problem driving around Australia for the past couple of weeks. But as a former bus driving instructor, I’ve keyed into many nuances that differentiate Aussie rules of the road from those we’re...

AustraliaCaravanningCookingInternational Travel

Brekky on the Barbie

It’s pretty widely known that Australians like to throw things on the barbie to cook them. But we’ve recently learned another Aussie word: Brekky (sometimes spelled brekkie), which is short for “breakfast.” Since our campervan...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational TravelWildlife

Kangaroos & Wallabies on the Beach at Sunrise

In our continuing quest to experience Australian wildlife in its natural habitat, we’re eager for our first kangaroo sighting. We’ve heard that Cape Hillsborough National Park is a slam-dunk. Every morning at sunrise, a mob...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational TravelWildlife

Magnetic Island Koalas in the Wild

There are times when the most practical way to view certain animals is in a zoo or sanctuary (like our recent encounter with Tasmanian Devils). But there’s something really special about experiencing wildlife… in the...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational Travel

Australia Campervan Tour

We’ve been getting lots of interest and questions about the campervan we’re renting down here in Australia, so come on in for a tour! It may be compact, but the space is perfectly usable and...

AustraliaCaravanningInternational Travel

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef — Port Douglas, QLD

Of all the things we’ve always dreamed about doing in Australia, nothing came close to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. We’ve snorkeled in Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Florida Keys, and we expected the...

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