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CampnabRV Trip PlanningZion National Park

What is Campnab and Why Do You Need It?

With the ever-increasing popularity of camping (and RVing in general), new camping-related services seem to be popping up every month or two. Vetting each one isn’t easy, especially since properly determining the value of any...

Annual MaintenanceCumminsGenerator MaintenanceOnan Generator

RV Maintenance and Repair – Who Do The RVgeeks Call?

Cue the theme from Ghostbusters because today we’re addressing a question we get asked a lot – when The RVgeeks need RV maintenance and repair, who we gonna call? We take incredibly good care of...

DicorEternabondLeaksRoofRV Roof

RV Roof Leaks: Serious Damage Can Occur!

If there’s one thing most RVers understand, it’s that RV roof leaks are not only possible but very common. RV roofs are prone to leaking. There are a number of reasons for this, the most...

ShowerSkylightSkylight Replacement

DIY RV Skylight Inner Dome Replacement

We recently published a post showing how to easily replace an RV skylight as a DIY project. But an RV skylight has an inner frame and an inner dome – a clear plastic liner that...

Gray WaterHolding Tanks

Mystery Gray Water Tank Odor In Our RV

As badly as gray water tank odors in an RV can stink, their source can also be very difficult to sniff out! We’ve troubleshot a few different gray water tank odors in our RV over...

Cold WeatherFresh WaterHeat TapeWater HoseWinter

How to Use Heat Tape for Your RV Water Hose

One of the great things about camping in your RV is that you can stay warm and cozy even when the temperature drops below freezing. In a previous post about winter RVing, we included tips...

Pleated BlindsWindow Shades

How to Restring RV Pleated Shades

Pleated day/night window shades are a common feature in just about every class of RV. The design relies on thin fabric cords sliding across hard plastic parts, so cord wear and breakage is not only...


5 Great RV Outdoor Rugs

When you set up camp at any site, whether you’re at a campground or boondocking in the middle of the forest or desert, an RV outdoor rug is a great addition to your camping area....


The RV Tool Kit Every RVer Needs

We see a lot of articles about what an RV tool kit should contain, and they always seem to include a whole lot of tools and other items that most folks will rarely (if ever)...

DIYSkylightSkylight Replacement

RV Skylight Replacement – An Easy DIY Project

RV skylights are great and most RVs have at least one. But over time and exposure to the elements, RV skylights can crack, allowing leaks that could potentially damage your RV. Even if your skylight...

CoverFantastic FanVents

How to Install an RV Roof Vent Cover

Our RV has two Fantastic vent fans and both are equipped with rain sensors. As we began our life on the road, we quickly realized that we needed to know how to install an RV...

Air CompressorWinterize

How to Winterize an RV with an Air Compressor

Winterizing your RV’s plumbing is incredibly important, especially if your RV will spend any time at all stored in sub-freezing temperatures over the winter months. Frozen water lines can quickly lead to burst water pipes,...

ColdCold WeatherWinter

Tips for Winter RV Camping

Now that we’re into October and cooler weather is fast approaching, we’re preparing a few posts that we hope will be helpful to RV owners who continue to travel in winter and those who prefer...

RuggidsRV StepsStep Covers

The Best RV Step Covers Ever!

Who thinks about their RV step covers? They’re just steps, right? What’s the big deal? Well, in addition to the increased safety that good traction ensures, if you think about it, those step covers are...

Tips & Tricks

10 RV Tips and Tricks Every RVer Will Love!

When we set out in our first motorhome, there were many RV tips and tricks that other travelers knew and implemented regularly, but that we had yet to discover. Now, after nearly two decades of...

RV Basement StorageStorage

The Best RV Basement Storage Ideas

We were sick and tired of searching for tools, parts, and supplies in our RV’s basement storage compartments. So about ten years ago we set out to implement some of the best RV basement storage...

Fresh WaterGray WaterShower

How to Take an Awesome RV Shower!

The RV shower is one of the coolest things about a motorhome. Not only can you go anywhere you want, but you can shower just about anywhere as well, including when you’re boondocking in the...

Black WaterHolding TanksRV Toilets

RV Toilet Paper? Don’t Waste Your Money!!

RV toilet paper. Believe it or not, it’s a common topic of discussion among new AND seasoned RVers alike. We’d be willing to bet that almost everyone who has ever owned any type of motorhome...


How Do You Clean a Badly Stained Corian Sink?

We have a 16+-year-old motorhome that we’re pleased to report still has a pretty new appearance considering its age. We pride ourselves on taking good care of our home-on-wheels, which is especially important since we...

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