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Campground Flooding in BC, Canada

The RV Park we’ve been staying in is directly on the Harrison River in the Fraser Valley of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Over the past couple of weeks, the water in the Harrison & Fraser...

SolarUpdates & Upgrades

RV Solar Panel Installation Overview

As we spend a fair amount of time boondocking (camping without hook-ups), solar panels have given us the freedom to enjoy the peace & quiet of remote locations without running our generator too much. Since...


Preventing RV Roof Leaks (Dicor Maintenance)

Just about everything attached to the roof of an RV is a potential entry point for water. The TV antenna, vent fans, satellite dish, plumbing vents, solar panel mounts or anything else screwed into, or...

GeneratorOnanOnan Generator

Onan RV Generator Maintenance: Change the Coolant

As a follow-up to our recent video on generator maintenance (Servicing an Onan RV Generator), when we cleaned the spark arrestor and changed the oil, oil filter & air filter, today we’re servicing the cooling...


How To Start a Fire with Steel Wool

We recently heard from an RVer who was using steel wool to stop pests from coming in near the water heater, and we realized that it might not be common knowledge that fine steel wool...

Oil ChangeToadTow CarTowed

Changing the Oil in Your Car

  Of course this video isn’t just for RVers. While there are lots of inexpensive quick-oil-change places around, performing this task ourselves is right in line with our general preference for maintaining all of our...

Fresh WaterWater Filters

Replacing RV Water Filters

One downside to moving your house to so many different locations can be the varied and unknown quality of the water available. Many RVs have a rust, scale and sediment filter for all incoming water,...

Dog BonesElectricElectrical Adapters

Plugging in an RV (Dog Bones 101)

A new RVer recently asked us how to plug their RV into a regular household electric outlet, so we thought we’d cover the basics of connecting different types of RVs into 20-, 30- and 50-amp...

Tips & Tricks

Make Any Size Replacement Gasket

  RVs often have many small or obscure parts that you won’t find on the average Home Depot or Auto Parts store shelves, or even in stock at an RV dealer. This situation sometimes leads...

Blue OxTow Bar

How To Lubricate a Blue Ox Tow Bar

  Since April 11, 2012 was our 9-year anniversary of full-timing, we though that a video about something really integral to RVing (like towing) was a fitting way to kick off our 10th year on...

FoodRV Living

Making Easy-Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

  April 11, 2012 is our 9-year anniversary on the road! To celebrate, here’s a non-RV-specific video. lol OK…. so this video isn’t just for RVers, but it is a truly egg-cellent tip (sorry). :-P...


Making a Fitted Sheet Fit an RV Mattress

Although we only have personal experience with two RVs, it seems that we’re not the only ones who’ve found that “King” and “Queen” beds aren’t always exactly the same size we were used to in...

Slide SealsSlide-Outs

Maintaining RV Slide-Out Seals

RV slide-out rooms have both inner and outer seals (I also refer to them as gaskets, but seals is probably the more accurate word). They keep the slides sealed against the elements whether they are...

Black WaterFresh WaterGray WaterHolding Tanks

How To Calibrate RV Tank Monitors

  Since we’re sometimes pretty serious boondockers (that’s camping without hook-ups for you RV newbies), we want to know the exact levels in all of our holding tanks – fresh water, gray water and black...


RV Buried in 2 Feet of Snow

As a follow-up to our videos about RVing in the winter and connecting to an external propane tank, we thought we’d share what our winter is like. The Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where we’re...

MaintenanceRV Living

How To Exercise a Motorhome

  When parked in one place for a long period of time, it’s important to exercise your RV to keep the engine and other equipment in good working order. When we’re not on the road,...


How To RV In The Winter

We’ve been RV snowbirds for 8 winters in a row, mostly in the Desert Southwest. This year, for the very first time, we’ll be spending the winter in the RV in a northern location. Granted,...


Behind the Scenes: Kitchen Slide-Out Plumbing

We returned from a 5-week trip away from the RV to find the drain pipe from the kitchen sinks leaking. Since we’ve already completed the repair, this is just an overview of how the plumbing...

BatteriesFlooded Lead Acid

How To Maintain & Equalize RV Batteries

  We demonstrate how to properly service, maintain and equalize the 6-volt deep-cycle golf cart batteries in an RV. The “house” batteries are one of the most misunderstood systems on any RV. The proper care...

Tire PressureTires

Inflating High Pressure RV Tires

We demonstrate a clever and easy way to add air to high pressure tires on a diesel pusher motorhome using the on-board air system. With lots of modern equipment, full-wall slide-out mechanisms, tile floors, etc,...

AtwoodWater Heater

Flushing an Atwood RV Water Heater

  We demonstrate how to thoroughly flush and clean an RV water heater. UPDATE – April 3, 2012: Regarding our use of an after-market anode rod. There are questions about which metal to use –...

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