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RV Buried in 2 Feet of Snow As a follow-up to our videos about RVing in the winter and connecting to an external propane tank, we thought we’d share what our winter is like. The Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where...

MaintenanceRV Living

How To Exercise a Motorhome   When parked in one place for a long period of time, it’s important to exercise your RV to keep the engine and other equipment in good working order. When we’re not on the...


How To RV In The Winter We’ve been RV snowbirds for 8 winters in a row, mostly in the Desert Southwest. This year, for the very first time, we’ll be spending the winter in the RV in a northern location....


Behind the Scenes: Kitchen Slide-Out Plumbing We returned from a 5-week trip away from the RV to find the drain pipe from the kitchen sinks leaking. Since we’ve already completed the repair, this is just an overview of how the...

BatteriesFlooded Lead Acid

How To Maintain & Equalize RV Batteries   We demonstrate how to properly service, maintain and equalize the 6-volt deep-cycle golf cart batteries in an RV. The “house” batteries are one of the most misunderstood systems on any RV. The proper...

Tire PressureTires

Inflating High Pressure RV Tires We demonstrate a clever and easy way to add air to high pressure tires on a diesel pusher motorhome using the on-board air system. With lots of modern equipment, full-wall slide-out mechanisms, tile floors,...

AtwoodWater Heater

Flushing an Atwood RV Water Heater   We demonstrate how to thoroughly flush and clean an RV water heater. UPDATE – April 3, 2012: Regarding our use of an after-market anode rod. There are questions about which metal to use...

DumpingHolding Tanks

Dumping & Cleaning an RV Black Tank We demonstrate how to dump RV waste water holding tanks and thoroughly clean the black tank. Keeping your sewage tank super clean requires following a few simple procedures which will make it stay odor-free....

Tow CarWindshield

How To Super Clean Your Windshield with Steel Wool! UPDATE: Check out our new updated “express” version of this video: “HOW TO SUPER CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELD… SUPER FAST!” We demonstrate how to make the windshield of your RV or car cleaner and clearer....

Fresh WaterHolding TanksSanitize

How To Sanitize an RV Fresh Water Tank It’s perfectly safe to drink the water from an RV’s fresh water tank (we’ve been doing it for over 8 years) as long as you keep the tank clean. In this video, we show...

CleaningFantastic FanVents

Super Cleaning an RV Vent Fan We demonstrate how to remove, clean and reinstall a Fantastic vent fan in your RV. The fans are used so often and move so much air, that they get really dirty. Once a year...

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