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Black WaterFresh WaterGray WaterHolding TanksSeeLevel Tank Monitor

How Do RV Holding Tank Sensors Work?

There are some aspects of RVing that most of us don’t think about on a daily basis. They’re those things that, when they serve us well, are barely noticeable. But when they fail, well –...


Do Gas Powered Motorhomes Lack Power?

We’ve lived, worked, and traveled in a diesel pusher that we’ve driven all over the United States, Canada, and even into Mexico for nearly two decades. But we’ve driven a gas-powered motorhome now and again...

Mobile RV RepairRepairs

Where to Find Mobile RV Repair Near You

In today’s post, we’re looking at the concept of mobile RV repair. RVs require a fair amount of maintenance and are sure to need a bit of repair work from time to time. It’s no...

CampgroundsCamping MembershipsDiscountsParking Lot CampingRV Trip Planning

How to Save Money On Campgrounds

There’s a school of thought that suggests that RVing and camping are expensive. The folks who subscribe to that theory aren’t necessarily wrong. Camping and RVing can be expensive. But there are ways to save...

New RVsRV InspectionUsed RVs

The Benefits of an RV Inspection Before Buying

When shopping for an RV, there are many things to look for regarding liveability and driveability. First, of course, you’ll want a floor plan that suits your needs, and you’ll want to be sure you’re...

MobileMustHaveWiFiWiFiRangerWireless Internet

Is Campground WiFi Reliable?

Many RVers enjoy staying at campgrounds and RV parks during their travels. When making travel plans, they’ll check campground amenities, and when they see campground WiFi listed, they’re comforted to know they’ll be able to...

Tow BarTow CarTowing

Can You Flat Tow a Honda CR-V?

As owners of a large Class A motorhome, we flat tow a Honda CR-V behind our rig and have done so for nearly two decades now. Yes, the SAME Honda CR-V! We bought it brand...

BuyingClass AUsed

The Best Places to Buy a Used Class A RV

The used Class A motorhome market is absolutely screaming these days for a number of reasons. First, more people than ever before are interested in traveling by RV. Remote work opportunities mean that people don’t...

Fresh WaterWater

What is an RV Water Bladder?

As you may already know, boondocking is our favorite way to camp. We love the desert, the forest, camping beside a body of water – anywhere we’re surrounded almost exclusively by nature. Our Class A...

Class ANew RVs

5 Awesomely Small Class A Motorhomes

We’ve traveled, lived, and worked in a Class A motorhome for nearly two decades now. Our first rig was a 2002 39’ Fleetwood Bounder Diesel (model 39Z if you’re really curious), and our current home...

Class CSuper C RV

What is a Super C RV?

There are several classes of RVs available to own, all with perks that are enjoyable and well worth having. But every RVer is different, and we all have different priorities based on our lifestyles and...

Extended warrantyMaintenanceRepairs

Is an Extended RV Warranty Worth It?

Buying an RV involves a multitude of important considerations. We’re all quick to consider things like the floorplan, fuel mileage, sleeping capacity, the size of holding tanks, and whether we want to buy new or...

RV Decal RemovalRV Decals

How to Remove RV Decals Yourself

For various reasons lots of folks are interested in RV decal removal but aren’t sure quite how to tackle the project. Fear of damaging your RV’s finish, or causing the decals to go from somewhat...

CampgroundsHook-upsRV ParksWater

Does My RV Need a Water Pressure Regulator?

We recently posted an article about how to connect your RV to full hookups to give new RVers a boost of confidence as they set out on the marvelous journey of RV travel, as we...

CampingDry CampingFree Overnight RV ParkingRV Trip PlanningTravel Apps

7 Best Free Camping Apps for the Avid Boondocker

Who doesn’t love reliable free camping apps? And by “free camping apps” we’re talking about apps to help you find free camping (not free apps to help you find camping… see the difference?… although most...

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