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DrivingRV AccidentsSafety

How to Avoid the Most Common RV Accidents

We don’t hear about RV accidents as frequently as we hear about other vehicle accidents, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First, of course, is the fact that there are fewer RVs...


7 Reasons To Avoid RV Repair Shops

From time to time, all RVs need repairs. Some would say there’s always a repair or maintenance item that needs attention. We’re DIY guys, so we typically avoid RV repair shops, but today we’re here...

SafetyTire CoversTire PressureTires

RV Tire Safety Tips

There’s a lot to an RV. It’s a house-on-wheels, after all. It has a plumbing system, an electrical system, even an HVAC system. But, when you get right down to brass tacks as they say,...

Cold WeatherRV SkirtingWinterWinterize

RV Skirting For Winter – Stay Warm In the Cold!

If you RV in the winter, and especially if you’re parked at one location for a long period of time in colder climates, you may have considered RV skirting. In today’s post, we’re looking at...

BuyingNew RVsRV TraderUsed RVs

Should You Buy a New or Used RV?

With RVing more popular than ever before, many people are in the market for a home-on-wheels that suits their traveling style. But, should you buy a new or a used RV, and why? What are...


Snow Socks vs Chains for Your RV

At certain times of the year when driving in areas where the snow falls and ice accumulates, vehicles (RVs included) may need the help of some extra traction. There are snow chains and snow socks...

Motorhome RentalRV Rental

How to Rent Out Your RV

Lots of people have an RV they use only during certain weeks of the year – maybe during school vacations, family vacations, and such. Others travel in the summer, but not at all during the...

AGM BatteriesBatteriesLithium BatteryPower

The Best RV Battery for Boondocking

We’ve never been shy about saying how much we love boondocking. It’s far and away our favorite way to camp, and we’ve long encouraged everyone to try it. One of the main reasons why many...


RV DIY Fluid & Filter Maintenance

One thing most everyone knows about us is that we appreciate the ability to do much of our own RV maintenance and repairs, DIY-style. We know when to call on the pros – and we...

Selling an RV

How to Sell an RV

Today’s post focuses on how to sell an RV. We chose this topic because there’s a whole lot of RV buying and selling going on out there these days for all sorts of reasons. The...

Free Overnight RV Parking

Can You Camp in Walmart Parking Lots?

In today’s post, we’re revisiting the question, “Can you camp in a Walmart parking lot?”, and we’ll give you a real, honest response to that question (which we continue to hear & read, year after...


RV Spare Tire Mount – Do You Need One?

A spare tire is pretty important insurance when you’re driving or towing an RV. You’ve got lots of tires to concern yourself with, and tire blowouts aren’t as uncommon as we’d all like. The other...

Tips and TricksWinterWinterize

RV Winterizing Tips | Avoid Common Mistakes!

Winterizing an RV takes some time and thought, and there are consequences to taking shortcuts. There can also be serious consequences to forgetting some crucial winterizing steps. So, we’re offering some RV winterizing tips to...

Motorhome Insurance

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

We all have a pretty good understanding of how important RV insurance is, but what does your RV insurance cover exactly? And do you have all the insurance coverage you need and desire? Have you...

RoofRV Roof

5 Reasons NOT to Use Flex Seal For Your RV Roof

As RVers, we’re all aware of the threats to the RV roof that can result in water leaking into various crevices of the rig, further threatening its structure and integrity, while potentially introducing (potentially dangerous)...

AwningsSolarSolar PanelsSolar Power

Have You Seen the New Solar RV Awning?

We all love harnessing the power of the sun to bring electricity to our RVs. It’s clean, efficient energy, and once we’ve set up the system, the power itself doesn’t cost us a penny. But,...


The Best RV Dehumidifiers For 2022

One of the most insidious enemies of an RV is moisture, especially in cooler weather. And if you live or spend any time at all in an RV, it can be extremely difficult to avoid,...

Air ConditioningCover

What Is An RV AC Cover? Do You Need One?

There are many parts of an RV that we maintain and protect to ensure that they’ll continue to perform well over time. Many aspects of an RV need protection from the elements or from potential...

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