Lots of RVs have sliding closet doors, but since RVs are moving vehicles, the doors have to be latched in place to keep them from sliding back and forth while you’re driving down the road.

Different manufacturers use various types of latches to keep doors in place, including the popular plastic clips that came on our motorhome. The problem (especially for us full-timers with jam-packed closets) is that they can get in the way when putting things in and out, and the sharp edges can cut your hand when reaching in.

So we removed both of our door clips and replaced them with a single inexpensive device called a BurglaBar. It’s a simple hinged latch made of Lexan, designed to add additional security to sliding windows and doors. Simply clean the glass, remove the strip on the adhesive backing and stick into place. No tools needed.

In the locked position, the BurglaBar prevents both doors from opening. In the unlocked position, the doors open normally. To install it, simply slide both closet doors closed and then, using the adhesive on the back, stick it directly onto the back mirror. When you flip the BurglaBar down, it blocks both doors from moving. To open either door, simply flip the BurglaBar up.

Please Note: In order for this to work the way we’ve used it, be sure that you have about 1/2″ of clearance between your doors when they slide past one another… otherwise, you can’t mount this to the rear door without blocking the front one from sliding past.

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