We’ve been dropping some hints for a while about big RVing plans that have been nearly a year in the making. So we’re excited to officially announce: We’re going caravanning in Australia!

We’re typing this on a very long flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, and will upload both the post and video when we land. The length of the flight is offset by the incredible cool factor of the truly massive Airbus A380 we’re aboard. It is absolutely enormous, and flying on one has been on our radar since they first went into service.

Before we pick up our campervan (that’s what us Aussies call a small motorhome ?), we’ll be on a 2-week vacation on yet another gigantic vehicle (just a little bit more about that in the video).

Once we hit the road, we’ll be sharing every aspect of our 2,700-kilometer drive from the Great Barrier Reef back to Sydney. We’ll compare the systems on our campervan to North American RVs, experience a mix of Holiday Parks and Freedom Camping and of course we’ll share the famous beauty and hospitality of Oz.

Besides videos, we’ll be sharing photos on Instagram (we’re RVgeeks there of course)!

We even had another one of those amazing kismet experiences, when the Australian team from The Legendary Pacific Coast, one of Australia’s Best Drives, was in Desert Hot Springs, CA shooting a promotional video the same day we arrived. They interviewed us about our trip, and will be following up with us Down Under as we pass through their area. We’ll post a link to their video as soon as it’s available.

Our trip was also publicized this week in the RV Daily Report.

Since we’ll officially be “on holiday” for the next couple of weeks before starting our road trip (we know our life looks like a perpetual vacation, but we’re working-age RVers, so not retired), we’ve scheduled a couple more videos to go live during that time, so keep an eye out for those. We’ll also be looking to connect with other RVers, so we can hopefully share a preview of caravanning Down Under before we hit the road ourselves.

Thanks for following along. We hope our trip is the great adventure we’ve been dreaming of.

Stay tuned!
John & Peter

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