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Awesome RV Products at Great Discount Prices!

Awesome RV Products at Great Discount Prices!

The only thing better than finding innovative, high-quality RV products… is getting a discount on them! We’re thrilled that some of our favorite companies have agreed to offer special discounts to our viewers on the very same gear we use and love.

Since we’ve been full-timing for over 12 years, we’re often asked what products we like. Every item listed on our website is something we personally use on our own RV. If you see something here, we use it ourselves and think it’s worth recommending to fellow RVers.

You may have seen our videos about great products like M4 LEDs, Utility Blocks, and Hatchlift… many of which offer discounts to our viewers. We’re pleased to announce two more great companies are now offering RVgeeks discounts on their websites: Tough Top Awnings and WiFi Ranger.

Watch the video for details, then visit our new Discounts page to save money on our favorite RV gear.

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Don Moore

Friday 17th of February 2017

I think this is a good place to make this recommendation/comment.

One thing I haven't found any of your wisdom about communications between a team during set up and tear down. As a pilot and former air traffic controller I am a huge believer in precise communications to get the job done efficiently and safely. Over the years Sandee and I have used various methods of hand signs and radio/cell phones. Our previous "favorite" was a duplex 2.4Ghz radio set made by EarTec but is fell short in a few areas so we gave up on them. EarTec has since come out with a totally hands-free headset that has worked very well. For those more techie (you?) I would suggest the EarTec UltraLite They are bit pricey but maybe an RVgeeks discount might be worth investigation?


Friday 17th of February 2017

Hi Don! Looks like a good hands-free way to stay in touch during sensitive operations requiring close coordination between both parties. For some reason (maybe telepathy after 21 years! LOL), we don't seem to need to communicate very much during set-up and tear down. Besides a little waving during parking, the only contact between "inside setup" and "outside setup" is generally a comment at the window (or a knock on the wall) to indicate that it's safe to extend the big living room slide, which is our only slide with a potential pinch point (the electrical compartment door cannot be fully open when the slide is closing, or it would be bent back... dumb design). But for those whose routine is different than ours and uses a bit more coordination, those headsets might be a great idea. For the occasional times we needs that much communication (most often it's the rare times we're driving both vehicles together, but not connected), we have standard walkie-talkies. Sorry we don't have much wisdom on this one. Sounds like you and Sandee have more of it than we do!

Bill Martin

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

Thanks for all your effort by putting together the discount ideas and your pages on them. For me, we have not gotten on the road to retire, just waiting for the end of the year, and trying to learn all I can about my Newmar Dutch Star.

Have A great day RVING. Bill


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

Thanks you guys!

Your site has always been very intuitive and user friendly. This new addition helps as well. I continue to refer my friends to your site as they continue to get their feet wet in the rv'ing world. You provide a great service to everyone who looks for good tips and tricks in this realm.

Keep up the great work!

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