Quartzsite 2018: Awning & Slide Topper Discounts & Installation

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We had a great time at the The Quartzsite RV Show last year. Even though we can’t make it this time, Tough Top Awnings will be there again, and is offering a special double discount to our viewers!

Tyler of Tough Top Awnings will be in Quartzsite from Jan. 20-28, 2018. If you’ll be there too, and have slide topper or awning fabric that’s in need of replacement, you can place your order in advance, and he’ll bring it down with him when he heads south from their factory in Vancouver, WA.

If you don’t think you can replace your own awning or slide topper fabric, check out our playlist of DIY tutorials to see how easy it is:

Our Complete Awning & Slide Topper Fabric Replacement Video Playlist

Still rather not to do it yourself? While Tyler is in town, he’ll be doing slide topper replacements. So if you don’t often get up to Washington State, now’s your chance to have Tyler himself replace your worn out slide toppers for you! Of course he’ll be installing the same great Tough Top fabric that we use and recommend (sorry, Tyler will only be replacing slide topper fabric in Quartzsite, not awnings).

Tough Top Awnings is also giving a special DOUBLE DISCOUNT to RVgeeks viewers. From now through the end of the Quartzsite show, 1/28/2018, save 10% on your entire order with Discount Code RVGEEKS10. That’s twice the usual savings that you get with our RVGEEKSROCK code (which of course will still be in effect after the show). And you don’t even need to be in Quartzsite to take advantage of the savings. You can use the code on ANY order, even if you’re having it shipped as usual.

Visit www.toughtopawnings.com and enter the
Discount Code “RVGEEKS10”
for a 10% discount on your entire order until 1/28/2018!
Offer good on ALL orders… whether you’re coming to Quartzsite or not!

Measure your slide toppers or awnings, chose your color, and place your order at ToughTopAwnings.com.

If you’re coming to the show and want Tyler to deliver your fabric… or want to schedule him to do slide topper replacement(s) for you, call and place your order at 360-980-0537. Whether you’re ordering online or over the phone, be sure to use the RVGEEKS10 code to save 10% (or use RVGEEKSROCK to save 5% after the show).

Don’t wait to schedule your install as available times will go fast! If you have questions, feel free to call or e-mail Tyler: tyler@toughtopawnings.com

We plan to be back in Quartzsite next winter, so we’ll look forward to seeing you then.

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  1. Hello guys. Happy New Year
    I ordered a topper from Tyler and hope to meet him while he’s in Quartzsite as I am there this year.

    I wanted to mention that for some reason I have not been able to access his web site. I mentioned it to him when I called him but you know you can get busy and forget about things, so I don’t know if you have a way to maybe get a message to him about the site or not just to let him know that there might be an issue, or maybe your able to get on his site without any problem and it’s just my connection. If so let me know.

    Thanks and as always a BIG THANKS for all the great videos.

    Safe travels,. Tim

    1. Post

      Hey Tim! Hope you love your Tough Top material as much as we love ours! And say “Hi!” to Tyler for us if you see him down in Quartzsite!

      Not sure what’s going on for you with Tough Top’s website… but we’re seeing it fine (on four different devices using 3 different web browsers). So our guess is that there’s something not working on your end. If you can, try going to the site (http://toughtopawnings.com) using a different web browser (like Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Internet Explorer) and see if that solves it. If it does, then there’s likely a corrupt cache file in your browser that’s causing trouble… it will probably resolve itself.

      Have fun down in the warmth and sun this winter!

      1. ” . . . . (on four different devices using 3 different web browsers)”

        John, (it was probably you), this is one of the reasons that I so much appreciate the RVgeeks. You guys are very thorough in your planning, your execution, and your editing when posting videos but, even more impressive, is how your follow-ups and comments maintain the commitment to quality.

        It would have been so easy to say “the Tough Top website is working just fine” but you actually tested with several browsers and, on top of that, several devices. Tough act to Top. (ha ha get it?)

        1. Post

          Awww… thanks, John! It’s very nice of you to comment about this… it truly made our (and particularly my (John’s)) day to read this. We guess it’s a by-product of our detail-oriented (aka “anal retentive”) personalities that we can’t just leave things to brief/curt responses. We wholeheartedly appreciated Tim letting us know he was having trouble… since if there WAS a problem with Tough Top’s website, we’d certainly want them to know about it so they could get it fixed. Plus, since our day job is designing websites, it was easy (and natural) for us to do that kind of testing to see if it was specific to a browser… just in case.

          But, again… thanks so much for the lovely comment. We’re glad that our efforts are appreciated! :)

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