Converting RV Lights to LEDs — PART 9 — RV Basement Lights

Even though we’ve been in the process of upgrading our incandescent, fluorescent and halogen RV lights to cool, energy efficient LEDs, it’s been just that… a process. It’s not that it’s all that difficult. We just keep realizing that we still have more lights to convert!

During a visit with our friends from Tough Top Awnings earlier this year, they were installing some of the same great M4 LEDs that we use into one of their RVs. As soon as we saw the fixtures and round-base bulbs, we were like “Hey! Those are the same fixtures we have in our basement compartments!” And of course we realized that we’d neglected to upgrade them.

Even though Warm White or Natural White are our bulb colors of choice in the living area, Cool White is our choice for work areas. The light is much brighter than the old incandescent bulbs, and of course uses a fraction of the power. While we were down below, we also upgraded the lights in both our engine and generator compartments.

Lastly, we spotted a sleek LED fixture on the M4 website, and knew it was just the ticket for pumping up the poor light levels in our bedroom closet. Of course we’d already replaced the original bulb in the closet light fixture with a much brighter LED, but this was one of those cases where a second, larger & brighter fixture made a much-needed world of difference.

The short video above covers these latest LED updates.

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