Have you thought about RV Boondocking, but haven’t been able to “Cut The Cord” yet? Worried that you’re going to run out of water, or fill your black/gray tanks up before you’ve decided it’s time to pack up and leave? Well, you’re not alone… that exact fear keeps LOTS of people from getting away from it all and camping off the grid. But this simple tip will make your first RV trip to the boondocks less stressful!

As you probably know, we’re big fans of camping out in the middle of nowhere… where it’s quiet, and peaceful, and beautiful. But we know that a lot of people are afraid to even try it. They’re worried that they will fill up their tanks and end up showering in a puddle because their gray tank is overflowing.


To see how Anthony, Lisa & Matt made out, watch The RVers this Saturday Morning on Discovery! Season 2, Episode 2 of The RVers shares their experience heading out on their first boondocking trip. The episode airs on The Discovery Channel (in the U.S.) on Saturday, 5/23/20 at 8 AM Eastern & Pacific, 7 AM Central, and 9 AM Mountain time. Set your alarm… or your DVR!

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