After the blast we had at Bluesfest, we want to see more of this beautiful area, including the magnificent Cape Byron Lighthouse, perched on the easternmost point of mainland Australia. So we’ve relocated to our second Big4 Holiday Park, right here in Byron Bay. From our experience so far, Big4’s reputation as Australia’s premier place to caravan is well earned.

When visiting a new destination for the first time, nothing beats having a friend who’s a local. After our serendipitous meeting in California with Russell Mills of the Legendary Pacific Coast, and reconnecting with him again at the Bluesfest yesterday, Russell is indeed a friend. And living right here in Byron Bay, he’s a local one for sure.

As with so many people drawn to the Pacific Coast here, Russell is a surfer. We’re honored and grateful (and also feel a little bad) that he interrupted a morning surf session to take us out exploring his beautiful town. We hope he didn’t feel a twinge of remorse for his generosity when we spotted dozens of other surfers catching the morning waves. At least Russell lives right here and can take advantage of the surf often. We know he’s always ready, because his surfboard took up a fair amount of space in the car. ;-)

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