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Campendium Benefits All RVers. Now Let’s Support Them!

Campendium Benefits All RVers. Now Let’s Support Them!

If you’re an RVer and haven’t yet heard of Campendium… it’s time you did. Brian & Leigh of Aluminarium have worked incredibly hard to create an important resource for all of us to use, and now they need our help. They’ve earned it, so we encourage every RVer to support their continuing efforts to improve the RVing experience for all of us.

Of all the resources that support the RV lifestyle, those that identify great places to camp might be the most important of all. Many of us routinely travel to new and unknown destinations, so local knowledge about any particular place we’re headed is, by definition, something we often lack.

There are certainly lots of ways to find camping, reviews and specifics about places to stay, with some resources better than others. But Leigh & Brian have put together a website that really excels at presenting all the most important information in the best way we’ve seen. It’s rapidly becoming our, and many others’, go-to place for trip planning.

The Campendium project has been self-funded by Brian & Leigh as a labor of love in support of the RVing community. Now they need all of us to support their continuing efforts to improve and grow the website. They’re even conducting a survey to be sure they meet our needs and interests as they go forward. Since they’re not programmers, they have to pay professionals to do the coding, which is expensive.

For a limited time, Campendium is running a fundraiser that will benefit everyone… Leigh & Brian can continue building the site, the resulting improvements will make it even better for us, plus we all get a voice in the direction they’re headed. We even get some cool shirts in the process. If you value RVing, we encourage you to do what we did: click the link below and buy a shirt or two, further joining with the community we all love so much.

Thanks in advance. Safe Travels,
Peter & John

Here’s the link for the fundraiser:

(Click here to support Campendium without buying a shirt.)

Find great places to RV:

Brian & Leigh’s personal website:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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