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Campfire Spray: Feel Like You’re Camping… Anywhere!

Campfire Spray: Feel Like You’re Camping… Anywhere!

Ah, the unmistakable scent of a roaring campfire. If you close your eyes you can almost hear the crackling of the fire, the sounds of nature in the distance, and the laughter, songs, and stories spoken by friends and family gathered around. If only there was a way to evoke these memories regardless of the time of year…like some sort of campfire spray!

Well, believe it or not, there is! And when we heard about it, we have to admit that we were a little bit intrigued. The scent of a campfire in a spray?

But then we got to thinking – hey, they’ve got candles that smell like apple pie! Why not pack up the scent of a roaring campfire in a container to allow people to relive the unique memories created around a campfire?

Ultimately, we decided that the stuff was worth a blog post in case we have readers who aren’t able to sit around a campfire all year round (or at all) who might get a kick out of this stuff as it evokes pleasant memories of past joy.

Why a Campfire Spray?

Scientists and researchers at Harvard determined that the sense of smell is the sense that most clearly evokes memories and emotions.

This is because our sense of smell is managed by the olfactory bulb, an area in the front of the brain that sends info to other areas of the body for further processing.

It turns out that scents head straight for the limbic system, regions of the brain that are connected to memory and emotion!

Have you ever smelled the scent of a perfume or cologne that was used by a loved one even in the very distant past? Or the scent of bread baking in someone’s kitchen just like the bread your mom used to bake? Ever smell a Christmas candle in July?

These scent-related experiences can immediately evoke emotions and memories.

This is why the designers and manufacturers of scented room sprays, candles, soaps, spray colognes, cleaning products, etc. choose certain scents for their products.

In fact, Disney sells exclusive Disney scents, (scents that waft in at their destinations and hotels), in spray cans that people can buy and bring home to rekindle their Disney memories all year long, enticing them to return for another Disney experience in the future. And it works!

What Are Some of the Most Popular Campfire Sprays?

Believe it or not, there are a number of campfire sprays, colognes, soaps, lotions, and oils on the market (it’s okay to laugh… we did, too)!

As with anything else, though, some are more popular than others because some offer a more authentic scent than others. And the more authentic the scent, the more likely it is to be pleasant to the human olfactory system, evoking memories and emotions that are related to good times spent around a campfire.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and highly-rated campfire-scented sprays and other campfire-scented products on the market today!

Candeo Candle Campfire Smoke Room Spray

This is a 3.5 oz. pump spray bottle that smells like campfire smoke.

Intended to be a room spray (as opposed to a cologne or perfume spray), the description from the manufacturer says that “one whiff will take you back to childhood memories of camping trips and roasting marshmallows over an open fire.”

Many Amazon reviewers agree, although some report that it smells more like pine than campfire smoke. Some might find a pine scent more enjoyable than the smell of campfire smoke anyway, so that’s not necessarily a bad review!

It’ll cost you about 11 bucks to find out for yourself!

Candeo Candle Campfire Smoke Room Spray, 3.5 oz, Perfect for Home, Car or Travel!
  • A quick burst of fragrance for your home, car, office, locker... you name it!
  • Our room sprays are fragrant and made with simple ingredients

Or you can pay 16 bucks and get Candeo Candle’s campfire smoke candle made with vegetable wax and essential oils.

Campfire Smoke Scented Jar Candle - Highly Scented - Made with Plant Based Wax - Handmade in The USA - Candeo Candle
  • LONG LASTING: Each jar candle has a long lasting burn time of 50+ hours to provide you with many hours of amazing clean burning fragrance.
  • HIGHLY SCENTED: Our jar candles are highly scented and crafted with the plant based wax, which gives the candles a unique glowing finish.

Eco Candle Co. Firewood Room & Linen Spray

Eco Candle Company makes a large number of scented sprays. Among them is this “firewood”-scented spray that Eco Candle says offers the scent of a wood-burning fireplace.

Okay… that’s basically an indoor campfire, so we’ll run with it.

This pump spray bottle gives you 8 oz. of phthalate-free fragrance made from all-natural ingredients including essential oils.

Some reviewers say they use these sprays as a “body mist” but it’ll currently cost you about $16 to figure out whether that’s a good idea or not.

Eco Candle Co. Room & Linen Spray, Firewood, 8 oz. - Scents of A Wood Burning Fireplace - Recycled Aluminum Bottle, No Propellents, Pump Top, All Natural Ingredients
  • RESPONSIBLE - Eco Candle Co. is a socially and environmentally responsible artisan candle company that believes in using quality ingredients
  • FIREWOOD scent description: The warm, cozy smell of a wood burning fireplace

Fire in the Hole Campfire Spray Cologne

Okay, now we’re getting serious. This cologne usually costs $75 for 3.3 oz., but this could be your lucky day because as we write this post, 3.3 oz. of Fire in the Hole Campfire Spray Cologne is on sale for a mere $60!

You can also go to their website and pay $80 to smell like a campfire if you’d prefer.

This company sells scented soaps, lotions, and colognes in…well…unique scents like gunpowder, whiskey, bourbon, and tobacco as well as…you guessed it…CAMPFIRE!

With all joking aside, we have to say that we can appreciate the fact that this company makes products that are never tested on animals, are made with plant-derived ingredients and are regulated by the FDA. (???????) They’re even made in the USA.

Check ’em out if you’ve got a 60-dollar desire to smell like a campfire, gunpowder…or whiskey!

Or, if you’d prefer to check ’em out cheaper, you can try one of their soaps or lotions.

Fire in the Hole Cologne | Unique Cologne Inspired by Campfire, Gunpowder, Sagebrush, Whiskey, & Excitement! | Outlaw Mens & Womens Cologne (3.3 Fl Oz)
  • Leave your hum-drum, ho-hum, boring ol' cologne in a smoking rubble, and celebrate your daily adventure with the unmistakable scent of the best times...
  • This blend of the scents of campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, and the good ol’ outdoors will set your mornings ablaze, giving you that fiery kick we all...
Fire in the Hole Handmade Soap for Men and Women - Campfire and Gunpowder Scented Natural Soap - Bold, Manly Scent
  • IS THIS SOAP FOR YOU? Well... do you drink whiskey and like throwing fireworks into campfires? ... I mean, not all the time. Not in the living room,...
  • IS IT AMAZING? YES!!! It’s satin of suds for your shower that brings an elevated showering celebration to what might otherwise be a hum-drum, ho-hum...
Fire in the Hole Natural Lotion - Explosively Awesome - Campfire, Gunpowder, Sagebrush, Whiskey, and Weekend Camping - Men's or Women's Lotion - 8 fl. oz. - Outlaw
  • LEAVE YOUR HUM-DRUM HO-HUM BORING OL' LOTION EXPERIENCE in smoking rubble and emerge from the bathroom with the unmistakable scent of best days life.
  • WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? Campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, whiskey, and more.

Men’s Before You Go Toilet Spray (Campfire)

Nope. Not a joke. For real. And apparently for men only?

This is a campfire spray made by a company called…wait for it…Outhouse. Also not a joke.

Now listen… this must be some serious stuff because they offer a 100% money-back guarantee! You spray this stuff in the bowl and if it doesn’t mask odors you get your 15 bucks back. What a deal!

From the company: “Masculine Essential Oil Blends Create A Barrier on the Water. The Masculine Aroma Will Enter the Air while the Bad Smells Will Be Contained And Then Flushed Down the Toilet.” Sounds like a similar concept to Poo-Pourri (iconic ad here, in case you missed it).

Apparently, this stuff is so serious you have to capitalize Every Single Word When Describing It.

Not only that, but the creators of this spray say that if you use it, you’ll “Proudly Leave Behind a Manly Scent.” Okay then. Here ya go, guys.

Men's Before You Go Toilet Spray (Campfire) - Outhouse Brand - 8oz - Made for Dudes Who Bomb Toilets
  • BANISH ODORS WITH CAMPFIRE FRESHNESS! Banish embarrassing bathroom odors & enjoy a fresh, premium campfire aroma with our Before You Go Spray, made...
  • PROUDLY #2 WITH CAMPFIRE ESSENTIAL OILS! Perfect for use at home & on the go for total bathroom confidence, we’ve made our Campfire Toilet Spray...

Campfire Fragrance Oil

And finally, if you want to make your very own campfire-scented sprays, lotions, soaps, candles, bath bombs, slime (slime? ????), or diffuser scents, Nature’s Oils offers this 60 ml bottle of campfire-scented oil.

From Nature’s Oil: “A rich, complex woody, fresh pine fragrance with just a touch of smoky notes rounded out with a precious incense base. Welcome to a pleasing and warm campfire in the forest, burning fragrant woods!”

A touch of smoky notes rounded out with a precious incense base? We may or may not have just dropped that one into our Amazon cart! It’s hard to resist smoky notes in precious incense, after all. Anybody got a diffuser we can borrow?

Campfire Fragrance Oil (60ml) for Diffusers, Soap Making, Candles, Lotion, Home Scents, Linen Spray, Bath Bombs, Slime
  • Uses Include: Our Premium Fragrance Oils are great for soap making, creating your own candles, air freshener spray, skin and hair care formulations,...
  • A rich, complex woody, fresh pine fragrance with just a touch of smoky notes rounded out with a precious incense base. Welcome to a pleasing and warm...

Why Would Anyone Want a Campfire Spray?

Okay, so let’s get serious here. We have a legitimate question to answer.

These days there are lots of burn bans in effect everywhere whenever conditions are especially dry. This is with good reason. Forest fires are a real issue and are incredibly destructive.

In other areas, you can’t bring wood into a campsite due to the potential for destructive pests to be stowed away on that wood.

Sometimes, however, even with these limitations, you might be able to use portable campfires or a portable propane fire pit, and you can also use them at home.

Propane fire pits and portable campfires are great and offer some visual ambiance, but what they don’t offer is the smell of an authentic campfire created by burning wood.

We know that the absence of campfire smoke smell is a plus for many people. But there are those who really enjoy evocative scents in their homes, whether the scent of an apple pie baking in the oven or the scent of a campfire burning.

If you’ve ever used a campfire spray, please leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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Gay Travel Enthusiast (Jason Carpp)

Monday 6th of February 2023

I've never heard of "Campfire Spray".


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

LOL! We hadn’t, either, Jason! But it’s a big thing apparently! Great way to have that “camping” feeling when you can’t be camping! ????

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