Of course this video isn’t just for RVers. While there are lots of inexpensive quick-oil-change places around, performing this task ourselves is right in line with our general preference for maintaining all of our own equipment whenever possible.

Changing the oil in your toad (that’s “towed” car for you non-RVers) is a quick and easy way for do-it-yourselfers to keep their car’s engine healthy. This job is so simple that we can easily do it on our Honda CR-V in less than half an hour (it usually takes us about 20 minutes).

Be sure to check the owner’s manual for the correct amount and viscosity of oil required for your make & model of car or truck. Of course you’ll also need a replacement oil filter and a new crush washer. Crush washers are made of a soft metal, and designed to compress when the oil drain bolt is tightened. For that reason, they should never be re-used. New filters often come with a new crush washer (at least our Honda filters always do).

Be sure to exercise extra care when getting under a car — particularly, never use the car’s jack, which is for changing tires, not for working underneath it. Ramps or jack stands are the safest way to elevate the front of the car if you’ll be getting underneath it. As you can see in the video, we make good use of our RV stacker blocks for this purpose.

We use the same enclosed oil drain pan for changing our generator oil, allowing us to safely transport the used oil to a recycling center (or we can use a funnel to transfer the used oil into the now-empty new oil containers). Always dispose of used oil properly.

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