Most RVs have lots of windows and plenty of mirrors too, so it can take a lot of time to keep them clean. Here’s our trick for cleaning all of the glass in our RV super fast… without any window cleaners of any kind and without wasting a single paper towel. All you’ll need are two microfiber cloths.

We hope you like this environmentally-friendly trick to get a streak-free shine in no time!

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all of your great videos – as a dedicated DIYer, I’m always interested in learning from others experiences. Also, regarding microfiber cloths, I purchased a bundle from Costco some years ago for car washing. I have noticed that if use one to dry my windshield I will often end up with some fiber residue on the glass. That is, you can see the tiny shiny fibers on the glass when the sun angle is right.

    This leads me to believe that not all microfiber cloth is created equal, and I should maybe look for better ones. I am interested to know whether you’ve experienced anything similar…

    1. Thanks Steve! We’ve used several different microfiber cloths (including some from Costco I think), and haven’t really noticed much discernible difference between brands. Seems like a little lint that catches the sun isn’t that uncommon. You might try washing them to see if that de-lints them a little, but sometimes a little dusting off of lint is needed in places where the sun catches it just right. If there are higher-end cloths out there, we’re not aware of it.

  2. Great tip! What do you recommend for cleaning carpets in our RV? I’m concerned about rented a rug doctor because of the moisture. We fulltime with 2 dogs and a cat. I didn’t even think about the beating the carpets would take when we bought this RV. To add a bit more our current workamping job is right on the Atlantic! Salt water air and sand are not RV friendly in anyway!

    1. Hi Joy! Sounds like you’ve got quite a number of aggravating factors all at once. We have a lot of advantages when it comes to keeping our carpet like new, in that we 1) Bought our RV new, so no previous wear and tear, 2) Have no kids, 3) Own no pets, and 4) Have never, ever worn shoes on board. So our carpets are babied to the max. All that said, we vacuum regularly, which is good for it, keeping any loose dirt and dust dirt from getting too deeply embedded. About 4 years ago, when our rig was about 8 1/2 years old, we had the carpets cleaned for the very first time… by a professional. We also had them do all the leather at the same time. It was an expensive splurge (about $500), but they did a great job on everything. And since we need it so rarely, we justified it by saying it’s not that much over so many years. In your case, you probably need it more often, which could make professional cleaning cost prohibitive. But with all the odd angles and tight spots, we decided that a professional cleaning was the way to go for us. We opted for a company that only uses citrus-based cleaners (Citrus-O in Canada), so no chemicals, which might be especially important for your pets. There are probably companies that use that sort of natural cleaning process in the States, too.

      1. OUCH! That’s going to be a big hit to the pocket book! But I will check into it asap. I really appreciate your recommendation! You guys have been life saver’s – keep the how to’s coming please! We are very grateful!

  3. Wondering if you have dealt with the problem of RV window fogging? Where the seal fails and the duel pane windows become cloudy on the inside of the glass. Thank you for all the great videos and instruction.

    1. Well your timing is particularly amazing, Robert! After 11 years in this RV, one side of our kitchen window has fogged and filled with moisture. We’ve been actively researching solutions, and believe that we are on the verge of finding one. We’ll be videoing the process of course, so if you can hang on for a bit with a fogged window, we should have an answer within the next couple of months of all goes well. So far it’s looking quite doable, but we won’t know for sure for a bit.

  4. You have another video on cleaning very buggy front windows that is also very good and would be appropriate for this category.

    I have found, and this is a very general statement, that prices at Sam’s Club are better than Amazon. You can find more on Amazon than at Sam’s. I don’t know anything about Costco (sp?). For instance, I just purchased 30 16″ square microfiber cloths for $13.58. Not a huge difference but significant enough on my budget. By the way, if you ever run across white microfiber 20″ to 24″ square, I would be delighted to know about it.

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