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RV Stuck in the Desert! Coach-Net Wrecker Rescue

RV Stuck in the Desert! Coach-Net Wrecker Rescue

We love boondocking, and hanging out in remote spots with great friends like Jason & Nikki Wynn makes it all the better. But camping off the grid sometimes involves driving on roads that barely qualify as roads.

In our 13 years of full-timing, we’ve never gotten stuck… until now.

Those of you who know Nikki & Jason will immediately realize that the incident featured in this video didn’t just happen recently, since the Wynns are now on their new boat and not currently RVing. But we were about to head to Australia and New Zealand when we got stuck, and just haven’t had time to get the video out… until now.

You may remember that back in January, Nikki was flying solo while Jason was out of town. We arranged to meet her in Joshua Tree South BLM and wait for Jason’s return. She found a lovely spot that looked perfect for us all to hang out, but none of us realized that the seemingly-firm surface wasn’t the same type of hard-packed desert that we’ve stayed on so many times before.

We found out the (ahem) hard way that the surface wasn’t so hard after all. It was actually about a 6-inch-thick crust overlaying soft sand. It was able to handle the weight of Nikki & Jason’s medium-size gas rig okay, but our 43′ diesel pusher was only supported as long as we kept moving. The moment we stopped, our 19 tons broke through the crust, and that was all she wrote.

Part of the reason that we didn’t get this video up right away was that we hadn’t actually planned to video at all. As a matter of fact, all of the footage here, except the aerials, was shot on our iPhone, with no intention of using it.

But when Jason heard what happened, he was dying to see. And Nikki put in so much effort, both attempting to free us, and cleaning up afterward, she agreed that we have to share it. So consider this our first How-Not-To video.

Be sure to follow Nikki & Jason’s adventures aboard Curiosity at

If you watch closely, you can see Nikki’s little happy dance as the wrecker frees us. She was really…. uh… pulling for us. ;-)

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Norman Frenk

Friday 9th of November 2018

I'm a few years late posting here.. but was glad to see you here with the Wynns! The location seems to be Joshua Tree (or is it further south towards Painted Canyon?). Where are you headed next?


Saturday 10th of November 2018

You're right on, Norman! That was in South Joshua BLM, just south of Joshua Tree National Park. We'll be back in the Desert SW this winter!


Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Hey guys which level(s) did you choose for Coach-Net? I am thinking Roadside Protect Basic.


Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Hey Steve,

Coach-Net appears to have changed their plans around a lot since we originally signed up with them. We're on a grandfathered plan we bought quite a while ago (and that we renew in 3-year increments for a discount) called the "Gold Plan". From the looks of things, it matches up somewhere between the "Basic" and "Premier" levels of the Roadside Protect product. Looking at the pricing and features of the different levels, if we had to sign up today, we'd probably pick that "Basic" level, too. Looks like it provides all of the stuff you need, without some of the "bells & whistles" of the more-expensive plan.

One other suggestion... check with any major clubs you belong to (FMCA, Escapees, etc) to see if they have any discount on Coach-Net plans. Sometimes you can lock in a better deal that way.

Hope this helps!

curt zygmond

Sunday 24th of July 2016

Why the 35' -37' preference in d.p. your reasons please.


Sunday 24th of July 2016

The right amount of space for full-timing is a balancing act. Too small and it might be difficult being comfortable or having room for all your belongings. Too large and the RV won't fit into many campsites in National Parks, National Forests, etc. While we've concluded that 35'-37' is right about the sweet spot for us, others disagree, as we know people who full-time in 32'-33' rigs, and some much smaller. It's a very personal choice, but we don't think we'd be comfortable in any floorplans we've seen under 35'. Of course if the plan is to drive from commercial RV park to commercial RV park, then larger is easier to manage, since fitting into small campsites isn't needed. All depends on your interests.

Pius Horning

Friday 8th of July 2016

I live in the desert of Eastern Oregon and we have a lot of sand also. one trick I learned while on the fire Dept and when we got a fire truck stuck, we used water around the drive wheels to give them more traction. lots of water but not enough to make mud which gives sand suction instead of grip. hopefully you won't need this comment but just incase it happens again.


Friday 8th of July 2016

Thanks for the tip, Pius! Never heard of that, so we'll keep it in mind. Although with our luck, we'd use too much water, create quicksand, and lose our whole rig! LOL

Richard M. Skaff

Wednesday 6th of July 2016

You guys, including the Wynns, of course, are great.

I'm new to trailering (recently bought a LivinLite VRV Basecamp toy hauler and have gone on a couple of one-nighters. My whole family will be going to the Stanley Basin between the Sawtooth and White Cloud mountain ranges in August for a 10 day camping experience at Alturas Lake (a U.S. Forest Service) site.

Wanted to let you and the Wynns know how much your videos have helped prepare me for the upcoming adventure.

Thank you!


Wednesday 6th of July 2016

Congratulations on your new RV, Richard! Have a great trip, and thanks so much much for your kind comments. So glad our videos have been helpful.

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