We're Cruising The Cut on a Narrowboat - Canals & Locks of the U.K.

As we’re exploring England in our rented motorhome, we’re particularly fascinated by the canals and locks that criss-cross the countryside. Since we happen to be friends with David Johns, one of the most famous narrowboaters living on the canals of the U.K., we took advantage of his invitation to spend a day out on the water.

This video captures the highlight of our 3-week trip to England, so you’ll see lots of smiling and laughing as we have the time of our lives operating the locks and driving the boat.

Of course David was filming today, too, and he created a wonderful vlog of our time together on his boat. If you like our video, you will absolutely LOVE his!

After watching our video, above, you can see David’s here: https://youtu.be/996bT18C2dI 

Check out David’s narrowboating channel: http://YouTube.com/CruisingTheCutUK

David is also a fellow RVer. Watch his van conversion videos: http://YouTube.com/Vandemonium

We hope you enjoy both of our videos!

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