In our previous post, we talked about why some RVers, including full-timers, sometimes stay North in the winter. Today we’ll show you exactly how we installed a special mod to make winter RVing better than ever!

If you saw our last video, we talked about planning a new secret weapon for staying warm while wintering on a 30-amp campsite without propane readily available. Now we’ll show you the step-by step DIY tutorial of us installing one of the best mods we’ve ever done. It’s a simple way to increase the available power in our RV, allowing us to keep warm without burning through our propane, and without juggling electrical loads.

If you’re a competent DIY RVer, but a little skittish about handling electricity, you’ll like this project. Even though it involves working with 110-volt household power lines, there is basically zero risk of getting shocked. You don’t even have to turn off the power while doing the entire job, and it’s perfectly safe to touch all the wires!

Are you wondering how such a thing is possible? Watch the video to find out how! (hint: you can’t get shocked when your electrical project isn’t connected to anything). ;-)

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