Tire Pressure (& Temperature) Monitoring Systems are a must-have piece of safety gear on an RV. We wouldn’t leave home without ours! While we’ve always used a TPMS, we started having some issues with our old system, which led us to start looking for a new one.

It had been so long since we got our original system, we decided to look into what might be on the market that’s newer, potentially with more or better features or functionality.

We’ve spent the past 6 months testing our new system, and today we’re reporting on our experience. If you’ve been here with us for very long, you know we wouldn’t have made a video telling you about a piece of our RV gear unless we really like it. Spoiler alert – we love our EEZ Tire TPMS!

If you want to order an EEZ Tire system for your RV, it’s available with any number of sensors (we have a tag axle and tow a car, so we use 12 sensors). You also have the choice of the “anti-theft” sensors or “Flow Through” sensors, which allow the use of a regular air pressure gauge without removing them. But since you still have to unscrew the caps to use a gauge anyway, we went with the original anti-theft type, and are happy with our choice.

You can also opt for a signal booster. Since our RV is 43′ long, it was a given we’d want to add that extra range. But shorter RVs can also benefit from a booster, which can help overcome any electronic interference from your RV’s electrical system. We haven’t had one single tire drop-out in over 6 months of use & testing!

Choose your EEZ Tire TPMS system here, selecting the right number (and type) of sensors for your rig:

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