When we’ve wintered in cold climates in the past, some people have asked “Why?” We’ll not only talk about why even us full-timers don’t always snowbird, but explain how we’re planning to make a cool mod to our rig to keep us warmer than ever RVing in cold weather.

We’ll be spending this entire winter in a cold climate, but on a 30-amp site, and with propane not readily available. We’ve mapped out a new secret weapon for winter RVing, allowing us to heat only with electric power, even on a 30-amp campsite.

After this explanatory video explains the “Why” of winter RVing, our follow-up video will provide a step-by-step tutorial of “How” we’re doing it. Stay tuned for that detailed DIY where we complete our mod, coming up in our next video (UPDATE: the installation video is now live. View it here.)

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