After The RVers big Discovery Channel premiere yesterday, today is just as exciting! The show, with additional BONUS CONTENT and NO COMMERCIALS, was just released on AppleTV for FREE!

That’s right… today, Monday, November 18, 2019, the first episode of The RVers is 100% FREE to download from the US iTunes Store!

This special link is designed to automatically direct you to the correct store for your device: The Apple TV store for Apple users; the Google Play store for Android users; or Amazon Video if you’re on an Amazon Fire device. Even if it’s not free on your platform, you can still access it using the link above, and watch commercial-free with expanded content.

Enjoy the show!!

*UPDATE NOTE: If the link above doesn’t work for your Apple device (anyone running the latest MacOS/iOS version may have trouble because of the change in iTunes, etc), here’s the link directly to the show on AppleTV:

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    1. So sorry about that, Tev! The premiere got moved up a week AFTER the Escapees magazine got published! You can still catch the rest of the episodes on The Discovery Channel (US only) every Sunday morning at 8AM ET/PT (check your listings… especially if you get TV via satellite… sometimes they only offer the East Coast feed, which means it will air at 5AM PT!! YIKES!). You also, unfortunately, missed the free download of the first episode on AppleTV/iTunes (that was only available in the US iTunes store on the Monday immediately following the premiere), but you can still buy it, or a season pass to the whole series there. There was also a glitch in the release of the show on Amazon Video and the Google Play store… it’s hopefully going to begin to be available there as of this Monday (Nov 25), but you can keep checking.

      For access to the streaming services, you can try this link which should re-direct you to the correct store based on your device’s operating system:

  1. Hey John and Peter, it’s your cousin Mary Kay. I loved the free download of your first episode! I felt like I was right there in the RV with you and Caitlyn. You are a very patient teacher, Peter, and Caitlyn is a brave young woman. I’d be terrified to attempt driving a vehicle that large. Can’t wait for Episode 2 to see if Caitlyn makes it onto the highway. Keep enjoying the good life guys!! Love to both of you!!

  2. Rats!!!! All the correct equipment and UCLA computer daughter here, wont load, wont go, 15.99 and it still will not work so a frustrating expensive
    evening and failed mission!! Where did you get Jason and Nikki? Where is the boat and Cats??? Thanks anyway

    1. Hi Scott. Sorry you’re having trouble. We have heard some people having difficulty, but many many people have reported successfully downloading episode one for free. We got it, and it was listed right below the $15.99 season pass. It’s still the 18th, and should be available for free for a little longer. Try this link, and see if you can spot episode one available for download right below the season pass:

  3. Can’t wait for the next episode. I too had problems getting it to download for free on iTunes, but if I used the link to take me to iTunes it allowed me to download it for free.

  4. EVERY link provided leads to a demand for $15.99. I AM doing this on Monday, November 18; I AM IN the United States (Elkhart, IN) and, I AM doing this on a MacBook Pro. WAAAAY too much trouble for a supposed “free” episode (especially one that I hear is loaded with commercials). I give up; I’ve already wasted too much time.

    1. Hi John. We hear you, and we’re sorry for the trouble. We haven’t been able to isolate a common thread for those having trouble accessing the free download other than people who have a Canada-based iTunes account…. because the free download is only available in the U.S. iTunes store (just being physically present in the U.S. doesn’t override where the account is based).

      Other than re-booting your computer to see if that shakes out any gremlins, we unfortunately don’t have any specific advice for you.

      But if you DO manage to get access to the AppleTV version…. it’s commercial-free AND has bonus content that wasn’t shown on the live broadcast (since there’s more time available without the commercial breaks).

    1. Sorry about that, Harry! There were definitely others that were having problems… and we can’t discern a common cause (other than Canadians whose Canada-based iTunes account prevent them from getting the free US-based download)! It’s supposed to also be available in the Google Play store and on Amazon (neither free), but we haven’t been able to see them there, either. There may be some delay with their release.

  5. Loved the training sessions, you both rock.
    I have too agree about the commercials, but somebody has to pay for it.
    RVillages seemed like a commercial but bla bla bla.
    Show aired at 5:00 am, Direct Tv, channel 278, West coast. Somebody must think we’re a tough audience.
    Please keep the shows coming.
    I following three rivers on utube, love those too.

    1. Loved the training sessions, you both rock.

      Awwwww… thanks, Raelene! And thanks so much for the info about the air time on DirectTV… they must only be broadcasting the East Coast Discovery feed… so West Coast viewers get the short end of the stick (and early alarm!)! SORRY!

  6. Could not believe the amount and length of commercials. Obviously not the RVgeeks suggestion or business decision but annoying. I would have thought that they may have a strategy of less commercials for the initial program.

      1. Nothing seems to work for me. All I can get is a 29 second intro to the first episode. Saw some message that as I am from Canada I can only purchase from the Canadian iStore.

  7. I loved your 8:00 am show on driving! I would like to see more but also cannot download the Season 1 through iTunes. The link takes me to buying it. Please share in more detail how to download your show! I’ve been a subscriber of yours for years and love to follow you…you share knowledgeably and professionally, even make a dull subject interesting! Thank you for all you both are doing!!! JoAnn Miltner, an RVer much of my life, 10 years full-time :-)

    1. Hi JoAnn! Thanks so much for the kind words (truly, they mean a lot to us!)… and sorry you’re having trouble accessing the free download. It seemed there was a bit of a delay with availability on Apple’s end (we’re guessing), because you’re not alone. One thing we’ve run across from several other viewers who’ve had problems is that, even though THEY are in the U.S., their iTunes account is Canadian (where they live)… and the free episode is, unfortunately, only available in the U.S. iTunes/AppleTV store.

      The other issue seems to have been with people who have the newest operating system on their Macs or iOS devices… as they have removed the iTunes app and split up the way they deal with media. So the “Updated’ link ( ) seemed to work for them.

      We apologize if it doesn’t end up working for you!!

  8. I have iTunes on my laptop..clicking to “open in itunes” takes me to the page. When clicking on Download on the right side it does nothing.
    Nothing in Google Play either.

    1. One other thought, Vicki… the only common thread we’ve found for people having trouble has been that they have a Canada-based iTunes account (i.e… they’re Canadians! LOL!). The free download is only available to US-based accounts. So, even if you’re physically IN the U.S., that doesn’t override where your account is based. ????

  9. So fun to see The Wynn’s stateside!! Our DVR failed to record the show yesterday and we are looking forward to getting parked in Southern Alabama to watch tonight!!! ❤️

  10. Hi Guys,

    I enjoyed what I saw! Question: There was a big section on RVillage lasting several minutes and then the show ended…no real conclusion or anything. Was that suppose to happen?



    1. Thanks, Drew! The RVillage segment definitely had a “softer” ending, as it was a piece about finding community on the road. But if you have an Apple device (and are in the U.S. with a U.S.-based iTunes account), you can download Episode 1 for free today and watch that segment again, to see if the ending makes more sense the second time around! ???? ( … or, if that doesn’t work for you, try: )

  11. All I could get was the 30 intro with Peter and Caitlyn. After that it reverted back to the iTunes window and asked for the $15.99 payment for the whole season. I will catch it another time. Just curious how the Wynns were back in the US when the last I saw on their blog was that they were in the Cook Islands…sans motorhome.

    1. Episode 1 should be available to download for free down underneath the $15.99 season pass. The Wynn’s videos run behind the actual time. They are back in the states to visit family right now.

      1. I didn’t realized that they were that far behind. Still unable to view the episode. Am on my iMac, signed in to my iTunes account and in Oregon. I am assuming that DC has not yet kicked Oregon out of the Union. Weirder things have been going on in the past few years. Thanks for your response!

        1. LOL! Every once in a while we’ll forget about the time shift of videos, etc… so it even catches us, too! Sorry about any difficulty getting access to the free download. The only common factor we’ve found has been Canadians who are currently in the U.S… but whose iTunes/AppleTV account is Canada-based. The free download is only available in the U.S. store, so that has caught quite a few. If you have a U.S.-based account, though, you SHOULD be able to get it! If this link ( ) doesn’t work for you, have you tried this one ( )?

          Beyond that… have you tried re-booting?!?! ???? (seriously… sometimes that the thing that shakes out the gremlins, LOL!)

  12. I have windows and cannot seem to see anyway of downloading, even went to google play and typed in the rvers, season 1 and nothing came up. We are in Canada and did not see the show yesterday – darn it. Help?

    1. Sorry for the trouble, Don. It SHOULD be available on all the other platforms today… but there may be delays. The free download is only for the U.S. iTunes/AppleTV store, so you won’t be able to take advantage of that from Canada, anyway. If you can get access to cable or satellite TV in Canada… it will premiere on Wild Pursuit Network on November 22!

        1. Sorry you’re still having trouble, Lorrie! It could be a couple of things:

          • You may not be logged into your iTunes account
          • The free download is only for the U.S. iTunes/AppleTV stores, so if you’re in Canada or elsewhere, it’s not available (SORRY!)
          1. ???????? SOOO sorry for the frustration, Lorrie! Not sure what could be causing the trouble!! The only (unhelpful) thing we can suggest is to try rebooting (sounds cliche, but it DOES work an awfully lot of the time!). And it’s possible it’s just a glitch/delay on Apple’s end that may resolve itself later today, if you can try again in a while. Wish we had more to suggest!!

          2. I am in the US but it still reverts to my Canadian iTunes account. Just 30 second preview, nothing to download ..

      1. thanks I finally got it. I watched and that was a good show. What I was not doing was going to my itunes then to the itunes store and finding the TV show, The RVers and then I could download it.

  13. Really liked the show! A LOT of adds which I completely understand. Did the lady you were teaching to drive your Newmar roll right through a stop sign making a LH turn? I watched is over a couple times and it sure looks like she did!

  14. Thanks for the Ep1 info. Spectrum’s Discovery Channel said The RVers was at 8am yesterday but the program they broadcast had to do with hunting. Kay & Jim in GILROY.

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