The shower in an RV is pretty much like the shower in a house, except it’s usually smaller… and it often rolls down the highway. There are also times when it’s really important to be extra frugal with water usage, when we’re dry camping for long periods. We take a quick look inside our shower to see how we set it up to meet our needs on the road.

One of the most important things about the shower is the shower head itself. At only 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM), ours has a very low flow, but still provides a great spray pattern and plenty of water for a satisfying shower. It also has a valve that allows us to reduce the flow, or shut it off completely, which is perfect for dry camping. When we’re connected to water and want a stronger flow, the hand-held wand runs 2.5 GPM. That’s downright luxurious for an RV!

Of course we don’t want bars of soap or bottles of shampoo rolling around the shower while we’re cruising down the road, so liquid soap dispensers are perfect for RVs. We have two twin-size dispensers, giving us room for shampoo, conditioner and two kinds of body wash.

The dispensers also have built-in razor holders, which is really handy if you like to shave in the shower like we do. Of course we have a mirror for that, held in place by a suction cup. Suction cups are also handy for other things as well, like hanging a shower puff or a squeegee.

Since the “R” in RVing stands for “Recreational,” we also have a great tip to help make your shower easier to clean, saving you time while you’re on the road. Apply a coat of car wax to the fiberglass walls of your shower once a year and it will make the water bead off, avoiding water spots and leaving it cleaner. This makes cleaning easier, making your recreational vehicle time more… recreational. Just don’t wax the floor!

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