Of all the things we’ve always dreamed about doing in Australia, nothing came close to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. We’ve snorkeled in Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Florida Keys, and we expected the grandaddy of all reefs would blow them all away. Boy did it ever.

You can add up all the coral we’ve ever seen in our lives and it would pale in comparison to one glance at the GBR. It really was beyond anything we could have pictured, with seemingly endless shapes and colors stretching out in every direction. And of course the colorful fish.

We wish that video could capture the experience, but watching the footage back made clear that this was one of those times that nothing can do justice to real life.

We made a carefully researched decision to book with Wavelength Cruises and were not disappointed in any way. Their new boat, Wavelength 4, was the perfect size and configuration: large enough to make the 90 minute trip to the outer reef in comfort, even in rough water; small enough to avoid the throngs of people that jam the bigger boats; and easy in and out for snorkelers.

We also stayed at our very first Australian RV park, Tropic Breeze Caravan Park in Port Douglas. It was the perfect choice: walking distance to town, the ocean and the harbor, plus great facilities and super friendly staff.

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