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Happier Camper Modular Interiors Will Make You Smile

Happier Camper Modular Interiors Will Make You Smile

Los Angeles-based Happier Camper is a designer and manufacturer of modular fiberglass travel trailers that are multifunctional and highly customizable. 

Happier Campers trailers are hard to beat for customizability, and you can tow them with an SUV or even a sedan. These lightweight, innovative travel trailers with unique modular interiors are well worth checking out.

What Is a Happier Camper Travel Trailer?

Happier Camper RVs are small, lightweight travel trailers with an interior created by the owner according to your needs.

We’ve highlighted some pretty cool small travel trailers on this blog before, including TAXA Trailers and Oliver Travel Trailers, but the Happier Camper travel trailers are unique.

Happier Campers use a concept known as the Adaptiv® modular interior system that allows the owner to easily customize the rig’s interior based on the Adaptiv technology.

The highly flexible Adaptiv system uses cubes that are easy to move and reconfigure, allowing you to create a whole new interior on the fly. They also double as storage and can be used outside.

The innovative Lego-like Adaptiv system shown outside a Happier Camper travel trailer

The unique Adaptiv system allows for customization according to need. The cubes double as storage and can be used inside or outside the travel trailers. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

This means that you can use your Happier Camper for anything from camping, to hauling gear, to selling your wares at the local farmers market, to the creation of a photo booth, or really any type of business.

Often compared to Lego® blocks, the Adaptiv system uses components that fit together into grooves in the floor to create a variety of interior design layouts. You can arrange and rearrange the highly-durable interior components to create whatever type of interior you want at any given time.

So, you can stack the cubes to create a bed or to hold a countertop for a desk or eating station. You can even remove the cubes from the Happy Camper and use them outside.

You can buy additional cubes to create more seating or sleeping space, and there’s even a cooler cube to keep your food and beverages chilled. 

Let’s take a look at the various Happy Camper floorplans to give you an idea of the potential for each design.

Happier Camper HC1

A Happier Camper HC1 travel trailer

The Happier Camper HC1 travel trailer has a modular interior design for flexibility and customizability. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The HC1 is Happier Camper’s flagship travel trailer. It has a 100% fiberglass double hull handcrafted shell, and can fit into a regular parking space.

Weighing in at 1,100 pounds dry weight, the HC1 is the lightest trailer in its class and can be towed by many standard passenger cars.

The HC1 has a very large rear hatch and a wide entry door, as well as large panoramic windows. The floor is a fiberglass grid, allowing for super flexibility with the Adaptiv modular interior components.

HC1 hatch shown

The HC1 and all Happier Campers have a very generous rear hatch for ease of loading and unloading Adaptiv cubes or gear. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The HC1 is a solar-ready RV, and can sleep a family of up to five people. (Premium packages, including a solar package, are available).

Happier Camper HC1 Studio

A Happier Camper HC1 Studio travel trailer

The Happier Camper HC1 Studio integrates a bathroom and kitchenette into the tiny HC1. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The Happier Camper studio is inspired by the studio apartment concept. It’s very close to the same size as the HC1, but offers a fixed wet bath and a small kitchenette. 

We’ve seen and used RV wet baths before, but this one is unique in that it lacks a sink to save space, but instead has a faucet that drains directly into the floor drain. So, if you wash your hands or brush your teeth, for example, you’ll be draining the water (and everything else) directly onto the floor. Interesting… and it might take a little getting used to. ????

The HC1 Studio wet bath shown

The HC1 Studio’s wet bath eliminates the sink, instead draining the faucet directly onto the floor (with drain). (Photo source: Happier Camper)

Meanwhile, the toilet is a Dry Flush toilet that uses an automatic bag system to catch, compact, and dispose of waste.

The kitchenette offers a dual-burner gas stove, sink, and electric fridge. The stove and sink lids drop down to create some counter space.

HC1 Studio kitchenette and wet bath shown

The kitchenette and wet bath of the HC1 Studio is tucked into the front of the travel trailer. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The HC1 Studio also offers integrated 64-liter (about 17-gallon) fresh water and gray water tanks, as well as a 100-Ah lithium battery and 100-Watt solar panel. The Premium Studio model also includes a second lithium battery, air & water heater, and a Dometic air conditioner.

HC1 Studio floor plan

This floor plan of the HC1 Studio shows the small kitchenette and wet bath tucked in at an angle, opening up additional space for the Adaptiv system to create the rest of the interior. (Source: Happier Camper)

The HC1 Studio is built just like the original HC1 (including the signature wide rear hatch), has an interior height of 6’1″, and uses the Adaptiv® modular system to create a queen-sized bed to sleep up to two adults comfortably. 

Another view of the HC1 Studio interior

A wider view of the HC1 Studio interior. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The dry weight of the HC1 Studio is just 1,800 pounds.

Note that you can get the basic kitchen and bathroom equipment for the original HC1, but only as add-ons in the form of an outdoor “RoadShower”, a kitchenette created from Adaptiv blocks, and the Dry Flush bag toilet.

Happier Campers are fairly pricey overall. For example, the Premium model of the HC1 Studio starts at just under $50,000. But the camper is uniquely adaptable, and the system’s Adaptiv components are designed to be used inside and out.

The HC1 Venture

The HC1 Venture is Happier Camper’s business model.

The Happier Camper HC1 Venture

The HC1 Venture is Happier Camper’s versatile business model. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

With a dry weight of 1,100 pounds and a tongue weight of 150+ pounds, the Venture has the same strong, durable, but lightweight construction as the original HC1.

Intended as a pop-up business on wheels, this little travel trailer can serve as a little food and/or beverage vending service or a place from which to sell your wares at the county fair or local farmer’s market. 

The Venture interior shown from the extra large hatch

The Venture has the same large, easy-access hatch for getting gear, equipment, etc. into and out of the travel trailer. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The Venture offers interior and exterior serving bars that are removable. It can be customized with upgrades, including solar and cooling packages, and whatever Adaptiv modular interior features may suit your needs.

Solar and air packages shown on the roof of a Happier Camper travel trailer

The roof of a Happier Camper travel trailer can accommodate a solar and AC package. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

You can even choose a custom gelcoat color and logo to match your brand.

A Venture customized with brand colors and logo

The Venture can be customized with a gelcoat in your brand’s color, incorporating your business logo. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

The Traveler

The Traveler, Happier Campers’ largest offering, gives you two dedicated living spaces that can be customized using the Adaptiv system to fit whatever your use case may be, and an integrated bathroom & kitchenette. 

The Traveler shown with awning extended and some Adaptiv cubes outside

The Traveler is Happier Camper’s largest offering, but with a dry weight of only 1,800 pounds, it can be towed by the family minivan, SUV, or even some cars. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

With a dry weight of 1,800 lbs, the Traveler is still light enough to be towed by the family minivan, SUVs, and many standard passenger cars. 

This Happier Camper travel trailer has an interior height of 6’5″ (walkable floor space is 85 sq. ft.), and has 5 panoramic windows to let in the light and the views. 

The Traveler floor plan

The Traveler offers two separate living spaces and 5 panoramic windows. (Source: Happier Camper)

The Traveler’s living area is highly customizable using the LEGO-like honeycomb floor grid and highly portable modular Adaptiv pieces. Remember, that Adaptiv pieces also double as storage, and can be stacked and reconfigured as needed, and used indoors or outdoors.

The Traveler features all-season insulation, hot water, a heater, and a power system. It also comes solar-ready.


Happier Camper offers an Adaptiv® for Vans system for select Sprinter® vans, with which van owners can create a modular, flexible interior. (The current plan is for the system to be made available for additional brands and models of vans in the future.)

Happier Camper Adaptiv system for Sprinter vans

Happier Camper makes an Adaptiv system for Sprinter vans, with systems for other van makes & models likely to come in the future. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

Installation of an Adaptiv floor in your van allows the addition of the modular components to customize multiple configurations. The floor is made of 1.5″ thick honeycomb fiberglass, so it’s strong and durable, but also very light.

The Adaptiv van system is a 7-piece flatpack modular camper van conversion kit that integrates with the floor. The pieces allow for the easy installation of a wiring harness, DC & USB ports.

The interior of a Sprinter van showing the Adaptiv system

Grooves are embedded in the floor to hold the Adaptiv cube components in place, similar to a Lego® system. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

Like a Lego® system, grooves are embedded in the floor to hold the Adaptiv cube components in place. The floor panels also accommodate table bases, D-Ring tie-downs, seatbelts, and inserts that’ll lock your modular components into place.

The Adaptiv system shown from the rear of a Sprinter van

With the Adaptiv system, the modular components serve as a bed, desk, seating, and even storage. (Photo source Happier Camper)

You can also get a wall and ceiling upgrade that covers the walls and ceiling of your van with fiberglass panels, creating a clean, seamless appearance.

The system also includes integrated upper cabinets, and there’s a front wall upgrade kit that gives you a partition between the cab and living space. The cab side is carpeted, and the living area side has a gelcoat finish.

Two beds constructed in a Sprinter van using the Adaptiv modular system

The Adaptiv system makes it possible to construct various interior configurations in the van. (Photo source: Happier Camper)

And as always, all components can be easily removed from the van so it can be used to haul gear and other materials as needed. 

The Adaptiv system for vans can be ordered directly from Happier Camper or from authorized outfitters.

Interested in the Happier Camper Modular Travel Trailers or Van System?

New Happier Campers and additional information and specs are available at the Happier Camper website.

You can learn more about these innovative little rigs or even shop for used Happier Camper travel trailers by visiting the Happier Camper Owners Group

For a good visual illustration of how the Happier Camper Adaptiv system works, check out their video:

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Hey Peter. Hey John. I hope you're doing well. I've never heard of the Happier Camper. Looking at it, it looks like something my Mazda CX-5 could tow. I can see one, maybe two adults sleeping in it while traveling.

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