Twelve years ago this week, on April 11, 2003, we hit the road full time. A few months earlier, we’d purchased our flat-towable Honda CR-V specifically for that purpose.

Repeated exposure to harsh Desert SW sunshine and spending most of your life facing into the rear end of a diesel pusher are apparently not the friendliest of environments for plastic headlight lenses. Our poor little Honda’s eyeballs have been getting more and more cloudy over time.

Since we love Invisible Glass, we figured that any other product from the same company would work better than other brands we’d tried. We were right. Watch the video above to see how quick and easy it is… and how well it works.

The restoration kit is so inexpensive that it often costs more for the shipping than the kit itself! So we suggest ordering more than one at a time, or consider doing what we did… ordering the complete “Ultimate” Care Kit, which includes a ton of great car & RV care products. Both are available on Amazon. The Ultimate Kit makes a great gift, too. ;-)

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