Restore Car Headlights with TOOTHPASTE?!

Being dragged around by the nose behind a huge RV for over 13 years doesn’t do much to keep your face clean. Add to that a healthy dose of sun poisoning in the Desert Southwest most winters, and you can understand why our poor little Honda’s eyes have glazed over.

If you saw our original video about restoring the plastic headlight covers on our car, you know that hazy, yellowed headlights aren’t too difficult to rejuvenate. But once the original protective coating has come off the plastic, they tend to haze over again within several months.

The only long-term solutions are to replace the entire headlight assemblies, which can be very expensive, or to re-coat the current lenses with a layer of UV-resistant clear-coat. We’ve avoided the former due to the price, and haven’t bothered with the latter because re-polishing the lenses one or twice a year is so quick and easy. So we just haven’t gotten around to the more involved process of re-coating them.

Even so, there is some cost involved with restoring wipes. Even though they’re not expensive, finding an alternate solution that is, for all intents and purposes, free, is fun. What better way to solve a do-it-yourself challenge than by MacGyvering a technique using something that you already have lying around the house? ;-)

So when we heard that whitening toothpaste can be used to restore our headlight lenses, we hopped right on it to test it out. This short video shows how it worked out.

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