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How to Find Workamping Jobs: 9 Resources You Need!

How to Find Workamping Jobs: 9 Resources You Need!

“Workamping” is a term coined by combining “working” and “camping” —  no surprise there. We’ve covered many aspects of workamping in other posts, but today we’re focusing on how to find workamping jobs.

This is an important topic because so many people are turning to a nomadic lifestyle either temporarily or permanently. And many full-timers, ourselves included, still need to work to earn a living.

So, let’s take a look at how and where to look for job opportunities, whether seasonal work or long-term, so that anyone who wants to travel can find a way to pay the bills on the road.

What Is Workamping?

As we mentioned above, “Workamping” combines working and camping.

Typically, a “workamper” is a traveler who works and lives nomadically, usually in an RV or some other type of camping situation.

We’ve been working full-time while living and traveling in our RV for 20 years. But because we run our own business (vs having “jobs”), we’d be more accurately referred to as digital nomads rather than workampers.

But we’ve got lots of experience working from the road, and we have a good idea what workamping is all about.

The RVgeeks working on computers at a desk in their RV

Here we are in our RV on a typical workday.

In our post Can You Workamp and Earn a Decent Living? we offered lots of information based on our experience, as well as the experiences of others who choose to live the RV life but still need to work.

Check out that post for more information on what it means to workamp and all the different types of work opportunities that are out there waiting for you. There’s everything from being a campground host to harvesting crops to social media positions, and many others.

But again, today’s post is all about how to find workamping jobs by giving you 9 specific resources from which to start your research.

How to Find Workamping Jobs

There are a number of ways to find jobs (part-time or full-time) that you can do while you’re RVing.

Many workamping jobs provide monetary compensation, some only provide free campsites, while others provide both.

When you’re checking out the various job listings, be sure to locate specific information regarding compensation and whether the employer offers a free campsite where you can live while you’re working.

Here are 9 of the best resources for finding jobs as workampers!

Workamper News

Join Workamper News to search specifically for jobs for RVers. When looking for how to find workamping jobs, this is one of the original resources.

You can search by state or by type of job. You can even search for jobs that do, or don’t, require internet access.

Workamper News offers a resume builder so that you’ll have an online resource to include with your applications.

Kamper Jobs

The Kamper Jobs website has connections to hundreds of workamping jobs, both part-time and full-time.

There are positions for campground hosts, park attendants, ranch hands, plowshares, and much more.

You can search in specific areas, and you can even search for jobs in national parks and state parks.

This is another great free site from which to search.

A man and a woman riding horses

You’d be amazed at the different types of workamping jobs that are available!

CampHost (Vista Recreation)

Vista Recreation runs a site known as CampHost that partners with campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, stores, and other employers associated with recreational locations.

You can apply for any number of jobs associated with camp hosting. Some are seasonal (generally from about May through October) while there are others that are year-round.

This free WorkampingJobs board allows workampers and employers to find each other.

There are a lot of ads on this site (which is why it’s free), but there are also a lot of jobs posted.

KOA Work Kamper

There are many campground hosting jobs available on KOA Work Kamper.  There are also lots of other positions available at KOA campgrounds all over the country.

You can learn how to become a KOA work kamper, and search by state for the KOA campgrounds where you’d like to work.

You can even filter your results based on how many hours you want to work, the job duties you’re interested in, and whether you want to work short-term, seasonal, or year-round.


As the name implies, CoolWorks is a cool site! You can search online for jobs in awesome locations and specify the types of jobs you’re interested in taking. You can search specifically for jobs in national and/or state parks, or by state, category, or season.

If you want to live in your RV at the job location, you can even filter your search for positions that provide for that.

CoolWorks is best for outdoor enthusiasts with a sense of adventure.

Winter campers in Denali National Park

With CoolWorks, you can find jobs that’ll take you on great adventures like these campers in Denali National Park!

Michigan Sugar Beet Harvest

As the name implies, this one is very specific — only for those interested in working at the Michigan Sugar Beet Harvest.

This is hard work over long days, but the money is good according to workers. Many younger RVers head to the sugar beet harvest and work hard for the duration. They can then use their earnings to travel and live for a time until they need another job.

There are a few different jobs you can do with the sugar beet harvest, but you can expect them all to find you on your feet for long hours of hard work.

All locations are in Michigan, and here’s the FAQ to answer some of your burning questions about this type of workamping position.

Remote Jobs

The following resources will allow you to search for remote work that you can do from anywhere or from anywhere in a particular region.

These resources are good for searching for all job types. But if you’re planning on traveling while you work, you’ll most likely want to search for remote positions.


Podcasts aren’t something you generally think of as good resource for how to find workamping jobs. But there are actually a couple that are specifically geared toward providing great workamping and business ideas for those who’d like to travel and work on the road.

Here are two that are jam-packed with great advice for RVers.

You can subscribe to these podcasts to stay up on the latest ideas. You can also browse the archives to see what topics might interest you.

A special note about this one. The RV Entrepreneur Podcast was created by our dear friend Heath Padgett. He hosted for years (over 200 episodes) and we even appeared on the show ourselves. You can hear us with Heath on The RV Entrepreneur Episode 27 in any of these locations:

A Note About Amazon Camperforce

Amazon hires lots of extra employees — around the Christmas season in particular. They used to offer a program called Amazon CamperForce, where many workampers could temporarily move to areas where Amazon fulfillment centers offered seasonal work, all while staying in their own RV. Amazon canceled this program several years ago… but it’s possible they will start it up again at some point in the future.

Tell Us About Your Workamping Experience

So there you have it — resources for how to find workamping jobs. We know there are surely more out there. As RVers who’ve worked on the road full-time for so many years, we’d also be interested in hearing about your workamping experience… and we’re sure our fellow RVers would as well.

Leave a comment below with your resource or story!

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Jeffrey Reck

Friday 2nd of February 2024

Amazon Camperforce is no longer in operation, should be deleted from this article.


Friday 2nd of February 2024

You're so right, Jeffrey. Thanks for the reminder... we've gone ahead and updated it to make note that the Amazon CamperForcce program is no longer active.

David Lee

Sunday 5th of February 2023

For members of Escapees, they have the RVer Job Exchange. It’s pretty much in line with the other sources you have listed. My wife and I did the Amazon CamperForce for the Christmas season in 2016. At the time, they had a list of RV parks to choose from and they would pay for your stay while you worked for around 13 weeks. The pay was fair and adding in the free rent was a good way to make some money. Walking upwards of 15 miles a day would let you find out pretty quickly how comfortable your shoes really were.


Sunday 5th of February 2023

Great tip, thanks David.

John S.

Friday 3rd of February 2023

First thoughts about this post: That's a lot of work!


Friday 3rd of February 2023

LOL! That's one way to look at it, John! ????

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