HOW TO: Hang Things on RV Walls using Pop Rivets

We demonstrate how to hang things on the interior walls of an RV. Just about all motorhome, travel trailer and fifth wheel walls are the same thin material that isn’t strong enough to hold wood screws. And without access behind the wall panels, there’s no way to use bolts, since you can’t tighten down the nuts. And velcro only works for really lightweight items.

3M Command hooks are good for items up to a certain weight, but what about when you want to attach something heavy… or permanently?

One solution: Pop Rivets. We like them for many installations compared to molly bolts or collapsible wall fasteners because of how small they are.

At the beginning of the video, you can see the limited amount of space we had to work with when installing the fire extinguisher mounting bracket. We were able to get several rivets into a very small area, providing enough strength to make sure the mount wouldn’t pull off the wall when grabbing the fire extinguisher.

Thanks to our good friends Pat & Rita for allowing us to drill holes in the walls of their Winnebago motorhome to demonstrate how to do this. We’ve also installed things with pop rivets many times in our Newmar Mountain Aire and before that in our Fleetwood Bounder Diesel. Be sure to confirm that all methods and materials used are compatible with your particular RV.

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