HOW TO: Replace an RV Plumbing Vent

We demonstrate how to replace a plumbing vent cap on the roof of an RV. Sun and age can lead to cracked plumbing vent covers on the roof of an RV, travel trailer or fifth wheel. Installing a new vent is a quick easy job, completed with just a few simple tools.

Older style roof vents may not match replacement vents, which makes it impossible to simply snap a new cap onto an older vent base. This means having to replace the base, even if it’s in good condition. A little Dicor (readily available from Camping World or RV parts & service facility) will seal the new vent. ensuring that your camper stays dry.

This is a quick, easy repair, completed without special skills in under half an hour. A new roof vent cover currently costs about $3, and a tube of Dicor should be about $10 at your local camping store.

This was done on the fiberglass roof of a Newmar Mountain Aire diesel pusher, but is handled the same way on an EPDM rubber roof. Be sure to confirm that all methods and materials used are compatible with your particular RV.

UPDATE: If you’re going to go through the process of replacing your plumbing vents, we recommend upgrading them to 360 Siphon vents (watch the video about them here).

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