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If you saw our recent live broadcast about Leaving Your RV Behind, you know that we spent an awesome long weekend in Vancouver, BC with our friends Cherie & Chris of Technomadia.

90 minutes prior to the aforementioned event, the four of us collaborated on another livecast, exclusive content for Technomadia’s premium membership group Mobile Internet Aficionados.

The topic for this event was Installing RV Roof Antennas, perfectly timed to coincide with our recent video about the installation of our WiFiRanger system.

The discussion and subsequent live Q&A lasted over an hour, addressing a wide range of issues that RVers need to consider when installing any type of antenna system.

The video archive above is the first half of that broadcast, as the Q&A portion is still exclusive to MIA members. If you’d like to view the entire archive along with access to all of Chris & Cherie’s exclusive content, learn more about joining Mobile Internet Aficionados. You’ll even save $5 off your initial annual membership by using the discount code “MIAGEEKS”:


To learn all about staying connected on the road, check out Technomadia’s dedicated website on the topic:


We want to thank Chris & Cherie for allowing us to be a small part of the wealth of information they provide. We have the utmost respect for the vast knowledge database they’ve created for fellow RVers and we’re honored to count them among our dear friends. Get to know them better at Technomadia.com.

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  1. I have a 2006 Montana 5th wheel, changed out old style tv to new tv in bedroom. can only get antenna channels, no cable channels. tv in living works fine with changeout. Camping world said leave anteena switch off in the closet. still no cable channels, any suggestions to pick cable in bedroom. thanks

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      Hi Lee,

      Well… now isn’t THAT puzzling?!?! Things were sure simpler when there were only 13 channels and you could get ’em all with rabbit ears, right? ;)

      Where are you hooking your RV up to cable? At home? Or in an RV Park? If you’re hooking it up at home, it’s possible that you’re having a problem because your cable provider has switched to digital signals… which require a cable box to decrypt so your TV can display them. If you’re at an RV park, I would think it should work out of the box… as I believe RV park cable is still analog and doesn’t require decrypting.

      Another option is that your new TV needs to be told to scan for cable… it’s often in the menu system, so you may need to read the manual to see how to get to it. It may even require that you toggle the TV’s “mode” to be in cable mode… so that it knows the incoming signal is a cable signal so that it processes it correctly. If that’s the case, you may need to toggle that feature from “cable” to “broadcast TV” and back every time you want to switch between the two inputs.

      Hope one of these ideas ends up helping you to figure it out!

  2. Can I saw again how much FUN it was to collaborate with you guys on these? Thanks so much again for such a truly wonderful weekend together… I still smile everytime I see a photo or video clip from our time together.

    Love and miss you both tremendously!

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  3. You two are Ah-dorable! Glad to put a face with the hands!
    Looks like the four of you struck-up a great friendship, and collaborative RV information/guru/video Superstars! Love the powerhouse combination!
    Can’t wait to one day meet y’all in the real world.

    Thanks again for a very informative video; and many blessings on your continued/future success!

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  4. Can someone mak a comment as to the wide spread use of using Silver Reflective window panels .
    * Possible negatives ?
    * Definite Positives !
    We find the process both great Winter & Summer.

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