RVgeeks Interviewed by Australia's Legendary Pacific Coast Team

As you’re reading this, we are officially aboard our campervan in Australia! As we prepare to experience and share its features and the locations we’ll be visiting, we’ll be showcasing beautiful destinations and experiences, the details of operating our campervan (lots of things are very different than in North America), places to stay, and the welcoming people of Oz.

Also, we recently experienced an amazing coincidence when the team from Australia’s Legendary Pacific Coast happened to be stopping in Desert Hot Springs, California the same day we were. They were in the U.S. to promote Australia’s Best Drives and were creating a video, too… so they interviewed us about our trip. The clip above was arranged on the fly, but we were so happy to be part of it.

Now that we’re in our camper, stay tuned for video updates as quickly as we can create them. Of course be sure to look for updates on Instagram as well: @RVgeeks.

Visit the Legendary Pacific Coast for more.

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