RVing in other countries provides many of the same benefits we enjoy in the US & Canada, allowing us to comfortably explore remote areas that might otherwise be less accessible. An additional bonus is getting to see what RVs in other parts of the world are like – a perfect bonus for geeks like us!

After driving a campervan 1,500 miles down the East Coast of Australia a few years ago, and exploring the English Countryside just last year, we’re taking our third international RV trip. This time we’re spending a full month in Italy, most of that time in a rented motorhome.

We rented our rig from Anywhere Campers, which was the only place we found that offered one-way rentals. That allowed us to start in one location (Venice) and finish in another (Rome), enabling us to expand the range of our trip, and not have to worry about doing a “loop” to bring the RV back to where we started.

While staying at a fantastic Agritourismo site in Tuscany, we filmed a tour of the Adria Matrix 670SL Axess that we called home for this trip. This is Part One, where Peter shows you the outside. In Part Two, John will take you inside the rig for a detailed walk-through.

To learn about cooking classes in Tuscany, offered by our gracious hosts, visit their website. To see the upcoming series of videos and blog posts about our time in Italy, as created by our traveling companions, be sure to follow HeathAndAlyssa.com.

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