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Italian RV/Motorhome Tour – Part 2: Interior

Italian RV/Motorhome Tour – Part 2: Interior

In Part 1 of our Italian/European RV Tour, Peter took you around the outside. Now it’s my turn to take you through the inside of our Italian home-away-from-home.

In the intro, I mention that we’re going to show you what we liked and didn’t like about this RV, but to be honest, we mostly loved it! Seriously, there was very little about the whole experience that we would have changed. Adria (the manufacturer of this particular motorhome) really did a lot to make the most of a (relatively) small space. Every nook and cranny was put to good use for storage, the lighting was all LED, including the very nice touch of dimmable indirect lights, and all of the features/appliances worked really well.

That said, there were a few things that we didn’t like so much:

  • The size: even though this RV was pretty big compared to many other units we saw on the road, it was still tiny compared to our 43′ Mountain Aire. We often found ourselves lacking space to just squeeze past one another to move around inside. It was worse in the beginning, and we definitely got better at it as the trip progressed, but it was never great. It definitely demonstrated that you live in larger RVs and live out of smaller RVs. But this is the way things are in Europe, where smaller roads and campsites (and very expensive fuel) dictate smaller sized RVs.
  • No house air conditioning… or even a vent fan. The lack of A/C wasn’t really an issue for us, as we were traveling during the cooler months, but we could see how that could become an issue during the heat of the summer. And while windows opened wide, and there were several large vents you could open in the roof, none of them had any kind of powered fan to help get air moving. So if there wasn’t a breeze, we could see it getting quite warm & stuffy inside. Certainly an easy fix if you owned this unit, but it still seemed like a bit of an oversight, especially in Italy, where summers can be quite hot.
  • Tank sizes: this was definitely something that could be a deal breaker for us with an RV this size for very long. We love to boondock. And we love doing it for extended periods. The longest we were able to go in this unit was (an impressive-seeming) 4 days, including showering onboard every day, and doing some cooking as well. Again, for this trip, it wasn’t that big of a deal, as we were typically on the move about every other day and had a good mix of dry camping and RV parks, so dumping wasn’t a problem. But for longer-term, we would definitely have had to get creative with handling the smaller tanks (carrying a second toilet cassette and a “blue boy” tank would definitely help).

Now, don’t get us wrong… this was definitely the nicest rental motorhome we’ve had -vs- those we rented in England & Australia. There was enough livable space for a short holiday, especially compared to the smaller Sprinter van-sized rental we had in Australia where we had to make-up/break-down the bed area every day in order to have a place to sit to eat or work.

We rented our rig from Anywhere Campers, which was the only place we found that offered one-way rentals (available all over Europe). That allowed us to start in one location (Venice) and finish in another (Rome), enabling us to expand the range of our trip, and not have to worry about doing a “loop” to bring the RV back to where we started.

We filmed this tour of our Adria Matrix 670SL Axess while staying at a fantastic Agritourismo site. To learn about cooking classes in Tuscany, offered by our gracious hosts, visit their website.

To see the upcoming series of videos and blog posts about our time in Italy, created by our dear friends and traveling companions Heath & Alyssa Padgett, be sure to follow them at and on their YouTube channel.

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Roger B

Saturday 30th of November 2019

That is a really nice RV in comparison to the Class B RV's that a couple of our friends class B's have and that we RV with.


Saturday 30th of November 2019

We thought so too!

Vicki Sherouse

Saturday 30th of November 2019

We have been RVing in Europe for 11 years. Ready to sell our inexpensive European RV. Details at

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