Like most RVers, we love the outdoors. But when the mosquitoes fly, we hate having to cover ourselves with slimy, smelly, or even toxic (for products containing DEET) insect repellent. Citronella candles and other repellents don’t seem to work much better and those expensive mosquito magnets seem to draw them in from all over the place. Summer dinners on the patio can be a real pain sometimes. When it gets bad enough, it’s easier to just give up and head inside.

When we’re out and about, hiking, canoeing, or other outdoor activities, this technique won’t help. But for relaxing on the patio, especially around dinner time, when the mosquitoes are most active, this 100% non-toxic little trick works surprisingly well.

Since we learned this technique for keeping mosquitoes mostly at bay, we’ve been enjoying summer dinners outside more often, even when the air is still. Since the little buggers are lousy aviators — they can only fly at about 1 to 1.5 MPH — all it takes is a little wind to keep them away. If it doesn’t happen to be windy on the day of your picnic, you can easily make a little wind of your own.

Hope this tip helps you enjoy your summer more too!

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