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Besides RVs, we have a fascination with flying. In our “pre-RV” life, we were fortunate enough to own our own plane (Peter’s been a pilot since 1989). Our Bellanca Turbo Super Viking, a powerful & fast retractable-gear bird, warped the time-space continuum to spirit us to some pretty cool places. Like Niagara Falls, Chicago’s Meigs Field, Cape Cod, Florida… and the Bahamas (twice).

Peter & John with zero-one-bravo in 1999.
And no… we do not dress alike on the RV!

While full-timing is wonderful, lack of a home base does demand certain sacrifices. If you’re never in the same place for very long, where would you hangar a plane? And how do you afford the high cost of flying when you’ve quit your corporate jobs? So when we hit the road, the Viking, sadly, had to go.

We all have priorities in life. The quality of life that full-time RVing provides, with its low cost of living and freedom to wander at will, are very important to us. We’re not about to give that up just so we can afford “stuff” again. Not even cool stuff, like a plane.

We still attend air shows and remember our flying experiences fondly, but we’ve recently had our eye on another type of flying. A kind of flying that’s compatible with full-timing: a quadcopter. Not only would that allow us some virtual flying fun, but being into both videography and scenic beauty, we could capture aerial footage of places we travel in our RV.

By coincidence, we were recently contacted by one of our RV park website customers, Silverline RV Resort in Winthrop, WA. They had a guest in the park last summer, with… you guessed it… a quadcopter. Silverline is a beautiful lakefront park in the North Cascades, so there are some cool aerial views to be captured.

We were provided with the above footage to embed on Silverline’s website, but we also wanted to share it here. We’re likely to get our own copter soon, and hope to capture aerial video of the beautiful spots we’ll be traveling to this summer in the Canadian & U.S. Rockies.

We know we’re primarily “How To” kinda guys, but would you also appreciate seeing some aerials of fantastic places to take your RV? And of course some great RV parks, too? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Bob & Wanita Putnam and family for the great video. If you’re ever in the North Cascades, our customers (and friends), Dan & Kristi, who own Silverline Resort, are wonderful people and gracious hosts with a really beautiful place to RV. Stop by and tell them we said “Hi.”

Now about that Giveaway…

Out of a record 5,841 entries, a hearty “Congratulations!” goes out to Roger & Anna V. (entry #897) who have  won a $700 Tire Pressure Monitoring System! We just got off the phone with them and they can’t wait to install the system on their 2013 Tiffin Allegro Bus.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win this time, you can still purchase a terrific PressurePro system by using the links below. And here’s a little secret to make you feel better… we’ll be announcing yet another new giveaway in just a few days. ;-)

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  1. I’ve been following your site for a while now and I think I’ve watched every video at least once! You’ve been an incredible resource of information…and inspiration. I’m itching to try the RV lifestyle.

    In reference to re-joining the flying community, I would humbly suggest hitting up the web site and their associated Youtube channel as they, like you, are a treasure trove of info and inspiration. And since you are geeks, I presume that you may want to “build to suit” a tri- or quad-copter for your needs.

    In any case, thanks for all that you do! I hope that some day our paths may cross.

    1. Hi Jim! Thanks for your kind comments, and for turning us on to Flite Test! We’d never heard of it before. It looks really cool. Going through old photos of the Viking to find the one we used in this post sure did bring back a lot of great memories. :)

      We hope you get the chance to join the RV community. It’s a great way of life (which you can imagine, since we specifically gave up flying in order to do it)!

  2. Oh, my! Oh, my! The “goose bumps” have arisen!

    I, too, am a Viking lover. First one was back in the mid-70’s. and the second was in the early-80’s. Absolutely the BMW of singles!

    Thanks so very much for reminding me!



    1. You are so right Michael! Giving up the Viking was the hardest part of going full-time. Ours was a 1974 1731-ATC. When I started flying her, I had only flown Cessna 152s and 172s and Piper Archers. So I had zero time with retractable gear, constant-speed props or turbochargers and no high-performance sign-off. It was like going from a learners permit to the Indy 500! lol I had a great instructor, and went on to put about 500+ hours on 01B in the four years we owned her. Great experience that we will cherish always.

  3. No aerial in this but if you ever wander to the maritimes, a tripe to Cape Breton is well worth it. This year I have added a DJI Phantom 2 Vision + drone to my equipment. We will head back to New Brunswick this Sept south through the St John River Valley, along the Bay of Fundy and north to the Miramachi.

    In Canada as long as the drone is 2 kg or less, it does not require licence, but does require $ 100,000 liability inse.

  4. I continue to learn from your instructional video’s and for you to add video’s of great places to visit is a plus! Nothing wrong with being creative when it comes to sharing your opinions, experiences and friendships in the RV community. Thank You!

  5. As a long time AMA member and former flight team manager for a manufacturer of RC Helicopters, I can vouch for Greg’s statements. Please join AMA. They are there to help you and protect your interests. The recent FAA “rules” do place restrictions on commercial use of model aircraft. You would do best to read the rules in their entirety.

    Here are two links to some information you may find helpful: ,


  6. Awesome Idea besides I maybe able to hear the rest of rhapsody finally. Good job guys and well expanding a bit shouldnt hurt :) I for one look forward to it.

  7. Congratulations to Roger & Anna. The quadcopter video is very cool. As for the Wynns getting one, Jason is fond of saying, “The best camera is the one you have in your hand.” (there’s more but if I stop there it will probably be nearly correct.) That always reminded me of a much older quote, “F8 and be there.” which I had heard as an Edward Weston quote but I tend to double check things before I write them – turns out it should be attributed to Ken Rockwell. What I am trying to say is that you could hand the same camera to 20 or 100 people, tell them to photograph the same object, and you would get 20 or 100 different photos – some of them really good. The good news is the RVgeeks and Gone With they Wynns are REALLY good – and appreciated. You are my two favorite sites. Sometimes I wonder if you know how much you have put yourselves out there because it’s annoying when any of you are criticized for sharing suggestions/opinions/etc. Your fans feel like they know you and you can’t possibly know us. That must be very disconcerting.

  8. Love it! Do you know what quadcopter they used for that footage, or which one you guys are looking to get? I’ve been looking to possibly get the Phantom or a Walkera; it would be awesome to get aerial footage of parks, trails, and campgrounds. And so fun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Just heard from the gentleman who shot this footage. He used a DJI Phantom 2 with a Zenmuse H3 3D gimbal, with a GoPro on it. One of the same models we’re considering, especially since we already have the GoPro. The Walkera Scout allows for FPV, so it’s currently in the lead for us. We of course have a lot to learn before we do anything, as you can see from the conversations here. ;-)

  9. I write the electric flight column for Model Aviation Magazine, the publication for the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and Model Airplane News. Naturally I took interest in your comments about acquiring a quad for aerial photography. Please do you research and go to the AMA site and learn about the ramifications of the FAA’s proposed rules for commercial use of quads. We are under close scrutiny from many agencies because of the few people who have given “drones” a bad name. You might want to talk to Cliff Whitney at Atlanta Hobbies ( and feel free to tell him I sent you. He is on the leading edge of the quad/hexi developments and also a leading force in the compliance of “legal” use of them in both personal and commercial application. If you accept ads or sponsorship and use your quad for aerial photography in support of that, you’d be considered a commercial entity and fall under the FAA’s proposed rule making. A lot of overkill because of irresponsible people, but that’s the world we live in :-/

    Just wanted to give you a heads up on something you may not be aware of as you move forward. The AMA’s website is and folks there would also be glad to advise.

    I’m an avid RV’er although not a full timer and we enjoy your site. Good luck and let me know if I can help point you in the right direction so you don’t run afoul of some rather obscure rules as they figure out how to deal with us.

    1. Hi Greg!

      Thanks you for reaching out and for all the info. We will surely be in touch and learn as much as possible. We’re aware that the laws on this are evolving rapidly, and we’ll be sure to do everything we can to comply. One question… do we infer correctly from your comment that any and all video containing quadcopter footage is ineligible for YouTube monetization?

      1. The YouTube monification question is one without definite answers, or so it seems. “Technically” that is the case unless you have one of the FAA exemptions to operate commercially. Please feel free to contact me via email and I can give you come contact information about how to go about that. I’m not comfortable leaving that information in an open forum since it involves emails, phones, etc.

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