Converting RV Lights to LEDs – Part 8: RVer Toys — Off-Roading Fun, Day or Night

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Okay… it’s no secret… we love LED lights. So it’s no surprise that we jumped at the chance to experience the exciting combination of LEDs and something else we love: speed.

We were in the Desert SW after flying into LAX from Sydney, when we got a note from Steve, the owner of our favorite LED supplier, M4 Products, inviting us to check out his brand new facility. Besides relishing the opportunity for a sneak peak at some of the new bulbs he’s developing, we wanted to see Steve’s new digs. We have mad respect for him, and we’re happy to see his business doing well. He has a sterling reputation among RVers and his success is well deserved.

We also consider Steve a friend, and were excited to be invited to join him at one of his other hobbies: Off Roading. We followed him out to the El Mirage Dry Lake Off-Highway Recreation Area out in the Southern California desert. Behind his motorhome, he towed a large enclosed trailer, which we imagined was filled with cool, fast (and well-lit) toys. We were not disappointed.

We were joined by Steve’s friend Chris, also driving a motorhome towing a large trailer. By the time they unloaded everything, there were more than enough toys to keep us motorheads entertained. Engines, wheels, desert and dry lake bed equal speed… which equals fun!

Of course Steve & Chris’s gear is tricked out with beautiful M4 LEDs, so we blasted around the desert well into the night. The light output was amazing. Since we don’t own any ATV/OHV equipment, we really appreciated getting the opportunity to get out there. We also had fun chasing the motorcycles, quads and side-by-sides around with our drone. Hope you like the footage. smile

Thanks to Steve for treating us to such a great time. And thanks as well for providing a discount to our viewers on your beautiful LED lights. Whether for an RV, an off-road vehicle, a trailer or other gear, they’re awesome.

M4 Products Coupon Code: RVGEEKS5 gets you a 5% discount on M4 LEDs at

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  1. John, I actually actually laughed out loud after you got all geared up and then roared into the frame at the blazing speed of 3 mph. Especially the second time from L to R. (Loved it.)

    Peter, I liked the way you narrated/filmed the tail light sequence. I have some LED’s brake lights and turn signals on my Goldwing and people tell me how effective they are but I’ve never seen what they mean until now.

    Bonus: we got to see Steve and Chris show off their well-LED’ed toys at night. Very impressive.

    As always, a few minutes well spent. Thanks.

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      Of course we’re a little biased, but we also laughed out loud every time we watched that sequence while editing. So glad you enjoyed it too, John, apparently indicating it wasn’t just narcissism that had us laughing at ourselves. LOL (oops… there we go again). ;-)

      Steve & Chris were so generous with their gear and we had a riot blasting all over that desert. It was so great to be able to go back out after dinner, and we were literally out past midnight. Those lights are insanely bright!

      Love that you’re a fellow rice burner. My last bike was a Honda V65 Magna. Used to get that thing up to 135 MPH… with no fairing. I still miss it sometimes, but it’s just as well, as I’d probably have killed myself by now!

      Thanks, as always, for the nice comment and support, John.

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    2. Paul,

      I understand that you see other LEDs on the market at very low price points. As with all small LEDs on the market in this category, M4 LEDs are indeed assembled overseas. The difference with our small LED arrays is that they are contract manufactured for us, with specific circuits and materials to make them work specifically in RVs. They are very different than cheap generic arrays. Additionally, we support the product 100% here in the US and offer warranty, phone, and email support on all of our products, and have a very low defect/failure rate as well as assist in determining what is best for each customer. For more information on quality difference, please visit this page:

  2. When the LED prices were coming down about 2 years ago, I upgraded all the bulbs in our then trailer, not too bad but not cheap, I said ‘then trailer’ because about 5 months later we bought a new trailer that was already totally equipped with LED lights.
    The switch was easy and the lighting was much nicer. What I liked most was getting rid of those very, very, hot energy wasting original bulbs.
    M4 was great to order from, fast service and good prices. If I needed to get replacement bulbs again I’d check there first!

    1. Post

      Great to hear Joseph. We can remember what it was like on our rig before, especially boondocking in warm weather, with those hot incandescent & halogens heating up the place and using up more of our batteries, and no way to run the AC to cool off without firing up the generator. LEDs rock! :)

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    2. Michael,

      We don’t keep lists what fits each motorcycle as we are primarily focused on RVs and Off Road, but we may very well have bulbs that fit. If you can identify the bulbs you have, I can see what we have. You can contact me directly at

  3. Hi there: Well what a great video and we really enjoyed it. I guess
    You know of a couple of friends who could use some of those lights.
    Great video we loved it and now yearn for the desert…

    1. Post

      We sure do know friends who could use those lights! And they were the first to take us ATVing out in the desert, too. ;-) We miss it down there as well… but not this time of year! Hope to see you both soon.

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