Last week’s video about our ongoing conversion to cool, energy-efficient LED lights generated a lot of interest, plus some questions. Today we’ll provide some additional details about the exact choices we made regarding color temperature, brightness and style of LEDs.

The majority of light fixtures in our RV came with the following types of bulbs:

  • Incandescents, with wedge bases
  • Halogens, with pin bases
  • Fluorescent tubes, in two different sizes

Last year, we demonstrated an inexpensive way to convert 12-volt fluorescent lights using strips of adhesive LEDs (you can see that video here). In an upcoming video, we’ll show you how to upgrade your fluorescents to a more elegant alternative. Today we’re going to focus on the lights we talked about in last week’s video: wedge-base incandescents and pin-base halogens.

A special thanks to Steve at M4 Products for helping us finally get our LED conversion sorted out. We’re happy (but not surprised) to see so many enthusiastic comments about Steve, his company and his products, both here and on forums like iRV2. He does a great job and deserves the accolades.

If you haven’t seen our last video about LEDs, you can find it here, where you can also enter our contest. On April 14, 2014, we’re giving away a $250 M4 Products Online Shopping Certificate, so if you haven’t already entered, hurry up!

If you missed the contest, or if you’re ready to go ahead and outfit your RV with LEDs, be sure to use the code “RVgeeks5” at checkout to get a 5% discount on  your entire order from M4.

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