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UPDATE 10/12/16 – 7:05 PM PDT: Amazon showing “In stock on October 20, 2016. Order it now” but we bet it will be before that, as Chuck from LogicBlue Technology says more are standing by. At least they’re accepting orders. :)

UPDATE 10/12/16 – 6:50 PM PDT: Some more just appeared in stock! Grab ’em while you can!! Looks like they’ll be coming in dribs & drabs. Stay with it everybody!

UPDATE 10/12/16 – 4:05 PM PDT: The first 50+ units that were “checked in” and available on Amazon sold out in 20 minutes! The good news is that Amazon has more than 150 more standing by waiting to be checked into their inventory system. There’s no way to know when they’ll show as “in stock” so just keep checking back every so often over the next few hours or tomorrow. The manufacturer has told us there are more on the way after this first batch, so don’t give up!

Apparently we’re not the only ones who love cool RV tech. When we posted our recent video about the new leveling device we’d discovered, we sold the company completely out of stock in a matter of days!

Our LevelMatePRO, mounted inside our laundry cabinet.

We were just notified by the manufacturer, LogicBlue Technology (formerly Command Electronics), that LevelMatePRO is now back in stock at Amazon for the first time in over a month. So if you missed out on the first round and have been waiting for a second chance, here’s your alert that they’re available again!

If you’re in the U.S., the only way to get a LevelMatePRO is right here on Amazon:

If you need yours shipped to Canada, LevelMatePRO is only available here: LogicBlue Technology

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve been informed that Amazon is currently receiving LevelMatePRO shipments of various quantities at several distribution centers at once. As a result of the way they re-stock their inventory, they may periodically show as “not in stock” again. We understand that it may take several days for them to be fully stocked in all shipping locations, so if you’re not seeing them available, just try back again later or the next day. They’re filling orders as fast as they can, and as of this post, they are indeed showing “in stock” right now. But there are hundreds of people waiting for this notification, and we wanted to let our viewers know first so you’ll have first crack at getting one!

We’ve had lots of requests from viewers asking us to announce the minute these are back in stock. Since the video now has nearly 25,000 views (and climbing rapidly), we don’t know how long they’ll be able to meet demand. So don’t miss out on your second chance, and grab one while you can. It’s a bit of a splurge… but it is pretty awesome. If you check out the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that we’re not the only ones who think so. ;-)

The display on our iPad or iPhone.
Displays on mobile devices.

We’re still having a great time with ours, and still smile broadly whenever we level. Having such a clear picture of exactly what’s happening while leveling is the greatest. And we love having the ability to choose the most level site available without even getting out of the RV.

If you don’t have a jack system, stay tuned for an upcoming video where we’ll be showing how the LevelMatePRO is even more valuable for you than it is for us. Since we got it, we’ve been learning about the challenges of leveling without jacks, and think you’ll love the improvement this cool piece of tech brings.

If you missed our video demonstrating the LevelMatePRO, watch it here!

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