If you’ve seen any of our videos about the LevelMatePRO, you know we absolutely LOVE it! If you’ve been holding off because you’ve been hoping it would go on sale (which almost never happens!), today might be the day you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to today being Amazon Prime Day, the price has been reduced to $124.99! That may not seem like that much below the usual $139.99, but every little bit helps, right?!


So now’s your chance to grab one at a discount… and enjoy ALL the features that it offers. Whether you’re in a Class A motorhome with a leveling system, a Class B/C with no leveling system, or a towable… the LevelmatePRO has features that will make getting set up in a site super easy. And super level! ????

If you want to see what the LevelMatePRO is all about, and what a leveling game changer it is, here are our past videos about setting up and using one. It’s the greatest thing for RVs since the invention of the wheel!

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  1. Thanks for the info! Watched the video, saw the value, and ordered it before midnight…saved some money in the process.

  2. Just watched your video and I just want to say thank you. I have a Newmar Dutch Star and ALWAYS have to fine tune the leveling when we get to a spot. This level system seems like a great time saver not to mention work saver. I love the idea that you can drive up to a spot and tell how level it is just by looking at your iphone. I ordered one from Amazon and should have it this week. One last thing, when you measure the width of the RV, do you measure to the outside of the tread or the tire? In the video, it looked like the outside of the tire. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Bill! We know the issue with the onboard system… we even calibrated THAT system multiple times, but even then it wasn’t anywhere near as accurate or reliable as the LevelmatePro. And according to the instructions inside the LevelmatePRO app as you’re setting it up, the width measurement is from the outside of the tire, not the tread. Hope you enjoy like your LevelmatePro as much as we like ours!!

      1. Thank you for the quick response. Just to be clear, the measurement is to the outside of the tire. Why not the tread or rim? I just want to get it straight in my thick skull.

        1. Yup… just line it up with the outside tire wall, since that’s the way the app was designed to calibrate. Easy to eye up, and works like a charm! Even if you were off by an inch or two, it’s probably not all that critical. Just get it as close as you can.

  3. I put my iPad on the floor in the center of the coach and use the level app. Why buy something that duplicates something I already have on hand?

    1. Hi Robbie! Great question. The iPad technique definitely works well enough for many people. But there are features on the LevelMatePRO that go beyond what any other device can do, and some like to have the very best, most accurate, and most features available. For example, for anyone who tows a trailer or 5th wheel, the LevelMate remembers the hitch height, making it super easy to hook up when it’s time to leave. For RVs without jacks, it tells you the exact number of inches of pad you’ll need to have under each tire, so you can put your pads down, and drive up onto them, perfectly level first time every time. Then there’s that great benefit for all RVers: the ability to see exactly how level you are while you’re sitting behind the wheel driving slowly around a camping area, which is especially great for boondockers. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve ended up almost perfectly level by driving a few feet in one direction or the other before even trying to deploy the jacks. That makes our stay more stable (not so high on the jacks) and makes it much less likely that we’ll have to stow the jacks due to maxing one of them out, move to a different spot and try again. And for those of us who are incredibly anal retentive (guilty! LOL), the extreme accuracy of the LevelMate means we get PERFECTLY level every time, so no swinging bathroom door to walk into in the middle of the night!

      1. Well said.!! and only 1 of those benefits alone are enough to purchase the device. NOT just the ability to know when you are level behind the wheel of your vehicle, But to know how many pads you need to put down, and where, are the reason I”m purchasing one for my wife for Christmas this year. .( shhh, lol)

  4. Now I wished I had waited to buy my Levelmate. It seems like every time I go out with my motorhome, I have to replace the battery. I even started to remove the battery when I stored it, but that was such a pain to accomplish. I just try to remember to replace the battery before each trip. Wish I could upgrade somehow. It is very handy to have and use.

    1. Hi Alan. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. If you contact the manufacturer through their website, they do have some tips about preserving battery life that may help. They also had a discount exchange when the new models with the on/off switch came out. Not sure if that’s still in effect, but worth asking. https://logicbluetech.com

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