The big day we’ve all been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. We’re at Xantrex headquarters in Burnaby British Columbia for the installation of our Freedom e-GEN Lithium Battery system!

After months of planning and preparation, we’re so excited to be here, and to share this with you. This isn’t a DIY project, so the system is being professionally installed (with some help from us). So rather than making this video a step-by-step tutorial, we’ll be providing an overview of the job and the system.

We hope you enjoy seeing this amazing project come toward the home stretch. Stay tuned for Part Five, when we’ll be installing our new Glendinning power cord reel.


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Thanks to all of the fine companies that are participating in this project for providing the expertise, equipment and service required to get this big job done.

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  1. I had called them when you first showed this great battery system. I work for Schneider/ Xantrex and I didn’t even know they had this. When I talked to them I told them too that many RVers would love to have this system in their rigs. Hope they listen to all of us RVers!

    1. Thanks, Jay. Since Johnny says that Xantrex is now taking a list of names of RVers who are interested in the system, we hope that means they are serious about bringing it to the retail market! Fingers crossed!

  2. Peter & John
    Love the idea of the E-GEN Lithium Ion Battery & Intelligent Battery Management System. I saw your U-Tube video on this system you put in their Motorhome. I’m jealous now. I’m now looking into this system for for my 5er.
    I have a 42 foot 5th Wheel RV, I have the Xantrex/Schneider Electric Freedom SW 3012 Inverter/Charger (815-3012) in it for 2 years now. I have the LinkPRO Xantrex/Schneider Electric (84-2031-00) battery monitor. I have just installed the MPPT 150-60 Solar Charger Xantrex/Schneider Electric (865-1030-1) a week ago c/w the remote. I had to order a PoE (power over Ethernet) cable as the SCP (865-1050-01) cannot get operation power from the MPPT. So, the SW 3012 (815-3012) with remote (809-0921) & the MPPT remote are separate. I tried to daisy chain the ethernet cable all together to get the power from the SW 3012, but it wouldn’t work for me. May look at getting the Freedom SW Combox. My solar system has now been on-line for a week (with-out the remote on) & the RV has not been plug-in for 6 days now. I have 1 residential refrigerator & a second frig in my outdoor kitchen plus other fans off the inverter, all are running fine. Can’t wait to take it out for some real Boondocking.
    I have 4 Trojan T-105 (total 440 AHr) batteries now but would love to see if I can the E-Gen batteries system, is true that they are 800 AHr? I’m the field service tech for Schneider Electric and look after the GT 500 solar inverters in Ontario. I have 4 Tallmax panels on the roof, 72 cell, 320 watts. I have over 1200 watts of solar panels on my roof. This should do me when I retire to Arizona for the winters.
    I am very proud to have Schneider/Xantrex components in my RV and love showing off my system to other’s RV’s.
    Love your videos, I have learn a lot from you guys. Keep up the great work.
    Jay Chowhan

    1. Wow, Jay! Sounds like you’ve got most of the same setup that we have. We love our Xantrex equipment… and are really loving the new e-GEN battery (it’s 600Ah by the way… 90% useable, so 540Ah of consumable power!). Bet your 1200W of solar will do a great job keeping everything charged up… especially in Arizona! ?

      1. Greetings…. love your videos. I have a 2007 Newmar AllStar. Similar systems to your rig. Question… did you eliminate the “Bird” bi -direction solenoid / control with your upgrade to Lithium .?
        & what amp independent charger did you use for the start AGM’s.
        Can’t wait for your show.

        1. Hi Chris! Thanks! And sorry for the delayed reply… we’ve been offline for a bit here in Italy. We didn’t eliminate the “BiRD” relay… up Xantrex provided us with a beta version of a module to replace the brains, so it would be Lithium compatible. Without that, we would have had to disconnect the system, as it would have posed a problem. The dedicated charger that was installed for the chassis batteries is just a 10-amp unit. It’s setup with an AGM charge profile so it’s optimized for their correct voltages. Hope this helps!

          1. Hi Chris. Not sure if Xantrex is selling that component or not. It may only be available to their authorized installers (they’re still not selling e-Gen direct to consumers). Xantrex is still maintaining a focus on OEM installations (which wouldn’t use a BiRD at all and would, instead, install a second, lithium-compatible alternator onto the engine to handle charging the house battery while driving). Actually, that’s an option as well: use the dedicated shore/gen power -to- 12V charging for the chassis batteries while parked and/or running the generator. And add a second, lithium-friendly alternator to charge the house batteries when driving. Then there’s no need for the BiRD!

            And thanks for the offer of an Italy guide! We’ve been having a blast bumming around with no real plans… and are currently in Tuscany. LOVE Italy!

  3. Would you happen to know the dimensions of the 600Ahr battery? I’m working in the van right now and it would be helpful, thanks!

    1. Hi George! It’s 11.25″H x 13″W x 24″L, 160 lbs. The BMS is 11.25″ x 7″ x 4″ and both components have a 5” bend radius for those fatty cables. Keep in mind that the unit isn’t on the market yet. We’ll of course be providing updates as we know more.

    1. It’s pretty sweet all right, Roger. We had 440Ah total from our four AGM house batteries before. But only 50% was usable, so really 220. Our 600Ah lithium is 90% usable, so 540 now… nearly 2.5 times more than before. And they take a charge like a high-speed diesel pump at a truckstop, so they charge up FAST. We’ll have more to report as we get used to them.

  4. Everyone in the video from the companies, looked as excited as you two!!! Congrats on a clean looking install. And seeing your insulation just added, I kick myself, as I had all of my batteries out and cleaned and sealed the compartment from road dust and moisture – BUT NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT ADDING INSULATION! (And I have excess Dynamat from a stereo project that would have more then covered the area needed – so free, except for time and effort to apply(:! ). My eyes are not what they used to be, did you go with the 10A or 20A for the Full River Chassis? Thanks for sharing, and best… Happy 4th to you, and all!!!

    1. Hi Smitty! Sorry to hear you’d like to have included insulation, but didn’t think of it at the time, since we know what it entails to do it now. :( If you’ll notice the continuity of the videos, we didn’t think of it either. We installed the new, wider tray in Part Two… with no insulation… and then in Part Four you see us with the tray removed, installing the insulation. Yup…. we didn’t realize that heat needed to be mitigated, so we had to pull the just-re-installed batteries out, pull the just-re-installed tray out, and insulate. So if you do decide to do it, we paved the way! LOL By the way, that’s a 10-amp charger from Xantrex for the Fullriver batteries. Since they stay charged most of the time, it was plenty.

  5. Hi from “PDT plus 8 hours”,

    Thanks for Part 4 of the series. Did you get a video of how you pulled the wires up the interior wall? Also, once you have it figured out, it would be interesting to have a video showing how the controller works.

    Love the drone shots. (how the heck did you have time for that?!?!

    P.S. First time I’ve had good internet since the day before your Q&A session. Note: if you holiday here bring a wifi & Cell booster.

    1. Greetings from Ontario, John! We didn’t get footage of the wire pull, because we figured it was so unique to our rig, and we weren’t doing a DIY… and because it was really touch-and-go whether we’d figure out a workable route! Once we were in the basement, we went through the wall into the electrical compartment, then came up into the space below the fridge. Both of those routes were easy, as we’ve run things through both of those areas before. Since the wall right in front of the fridge (where we mounted the control panel) flexed when we pushed on it, we thought there was no stud between the front of the fridge and the corner of the all. WRONG! What we were able to do is remove the round vent in the bathroom that’s underneath the shower and fish the cable from under the fridge into that area. Then came the hard part… reaching my arm the entire distance through that vent hole, from the front of the shower to the back side of that wall, while holding a small cordless drill (luckily, Gareth had an angle drill that was JUST small enough to fit through the vent hole). With my arm through that vent hole all the way up to my shoulder (I KNEW there was a good reason not to work out, since my scrawny arm JUST fit!), I used a small hole saw to drill an opening in the BACK side of the wall. Then we fished the wire through that hole and straight up behind where the panel is mounted. It was a close call, but we made it. High fives were in order when we overcame that obstacle!

      Glad you liked the drone shots. We did indeed have to shoot them fast… one quick take…. between other tasks. The job actually took two days, but we condensed it into one in the video. And thanks for the heads up about cell signal. We’ll be needing that this fall. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Rita! We were thrilled with the quality of work that Pacific Mobile Power Systems did with our install… and we’re LOVING the new system! More to come about our experience!

    1. LOL! It certainly wasn’t cheap, Steve (final numbers aren’t available since Xantrex doesn’t have retail pricing for the e-GEN battery yet). As with all new tech, and since this was a first-of-its-kind installation, we’d expect it to get easier and cheaper as it becomes more main stream!

        1. Hi Johnny… at the moment, you can only get the battery by buying an RV from the manufacturers that are installing it direct from the factory (currently, we know Coachmen are offering it, but there may be more). Xantrex is still determining how they are going to make the system available for aftermarket. As soon as we hear more about it, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

          1. Thanks, I contacted them and had a chat and they are taking a list of folks interested in the battery and/or system, so the more that call the better the odds will be of it being offered to the public separately. So folks……..I did.

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