🔌 LITHIUM BATTERY INSTALL! RV Battery & Electrical Upgrade — Part 4⚡️

The big day we’ve all been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. We’re at Xantrex headquarters in Burnaby British Columbia for the installation of our Freedom e-GEN Lithium Battery system!

After months of planning and preparation, we’re so excited to be here, and to share this with you. This isn’t a DIY project, so the system is being professionally installed (with some help from us). So rather than making this video a step-by-step tutorial, we’ll be providing an overview of the job and the system.

We hope you enjoy seeing this amazing project come toward the home stretch. Stay tuned for Part Five, when we’ll be installing our new Glendinning power cord reel.


When we find RV products we absolutely love, we’re thrilled to be able to add them to our Discounts Page.  We’re pleased to announce that Glendinning Products is now offering RVgeeks viewers a $70 DISCOUNT on their brand new CRMA50-12-RV50 50′ power cord reel (the exact same one we just installed). Order factory-direct from their store at GlendinningProds.com and use Coupon Code “RVGEEKS” at checkout to SAVE $70.00!
NOTE: The discount is valid only on the CRMA50-12-RV50


Hughes Autoformers also offers RVgeeks viewers a special discount. SAVE 10% when you order either a 30-amp (Model #RV2130-SP) or 50-amp (Model #RV220-50-SP) factory-direct at HughesAutoformers.com. Use Coupon Code “RVGEEKS” at checkout to get 10% OFF!
If you don’t know what an autoformer does, check out our video.
NOTE: The discount doesn’t apply to any other Hughes products, but these are the latest models, newer than our own!

Thanks to all of the fine companies that are participating in this project for providing the expertise, equipment and service required to get this big job done.

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